5 Fabulous Outdoor Weddings!

Here are five fabulous outdoor weddings!

Outdoor weddings… Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice, and that’s part of the gamble when creating an wedding outside. But, when the weather does behave there’s no better place to celebrate love than the great outdoors! Here are five beautiful couples who put together five beautiful outdoor weddings.

#5: Felicia and Tim’s Ojia California Wedding


We’ll start off our list of outdoor weddings with this fun wedding for Felicia and Tim. The Dent House located in Ojai, just an hour north of downtown Los Angeles is a great place to tie the knot. The Dent House is the ideal wedding location for any couple seeking a Los Angeles get-away for them and their guests.  This outdoor wedding venue has a quite, woodsy, down-home-country vibe that makes you feel worlds away from La La Land.

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#4 Nick and Nicole’s Washington DC Wedding 


With a stunning view of the Patuxent River in the distance, Sotterley Plantation is a beautiful outdoor wedding venue nestled in the rural hills of Hollywood, Maryland, located outside of Washington, DC.

Loved ones witnessed the blissful union of Nick and Nicole at Sotterley…and what a splendid ceremony it was!  Our Washington, DC wedding catering team was on hand to make the day much more special and to share in the celebratory vibes of the occasion. The all-organic menu matched the rustic elegance of this gorgeous outdoor barn wedding.

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#3 Rachelle and LB’s Ahmanson Ranch Wedding


The couple wanted to have their outdoor wedding held at the Ahmanson Ranch just up the 101, outside of Malibu.  When you exit off the freeway and enter the ranch you are immediately struck by the rustic southern California landscape.   For any of you romantic film buffs out there, this is the place they shot Gone With The Wind.  The road winds its way up to the top of a breathtaking lookout of the peak of the Santa Monica Mountains.   It’s an enchanting piece of property for an outdoor wedding.  As you can see from the beautiful wedding photography curtsey of Ning Wong and his crew at Ning Wong Studios, Rachelle and LB couldn’t have picked a better venue to celebrate their marriage.

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#2  Scott and Tina’s Adamson House Wedding


Newly engaged couples are always on the lookout for that romantic, all in one, outdoor wedding, and no couple can resist the timeless attraction to the Adamson House in Malibu.  Once a couple has walked around the historic Adamson House and breathed her sweet ocean breeze, they fall hard.  If you’ve never been, let me entice you with these beautiful Adamson House wedding photos from Los Angeles wedding photographer, Laura, of Beautiful Day Photography.

The Adamson property stretches out over a few acres of prime beachfront property. The pearl of the estate is the Spanish Colonial Revival style home, which was built in 1929.  It. Is. stunning!  The immense tile work and overall architectural design of the house is something everyone should see firsthand.  Even if you’re not looking to host an event on the property, it’s a state park visit every Los Angelino should have the pleasure of visiting.

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#1 Erin and Dan’s Paramount Ranch Wedding 


And out number one outdoor wedding…… The Paramount Ranch! The Paramount Ranch was used 50 years ago as a western film set, but it’s no ghost town.  The Paramount Ranch is a one-of-a-kind wedding spot and if you’re in the market for a wedding location you owe yourself a visit.  It’s cheaper to rent than almost any place in Los Angeles, and it’s beautiful!  There’s a reason so many TV shows and movies were filmed on the 2,700-acre ranch.  The scenery is peaceful, untouched and breathtaking.   You can walk in any direction and feel like you’re in a romantic movie.

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