5 Hot Wedding Trends of 2015

Get ready!  We might be only days into 2015 but wedding planning for this year is already underway.  Here are our top five wedding trends to look for in 2015!


5. Garden flowers.  The just-picked garden look for table settings will be a big hit this year.   Couples will select soft colored flowers and gentile tones with greens pooling over the sides.  Crowning Glory or crowns of woven flowers worn in the bride’s hair will also be a big hit this year.  Depending on the overall theme of the wedding these flowers might be more subtle or larger, blossoming flowers.

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4. Organic food. Couples choosing organic catering have been on the rise in the past few years and we expect to see a big uptick in couples being more conscious about choosing organic and local foods.

3. Off-the-shoulder neckline wedding dress.  A 2015 wedding trend we are witnessing in wedding dresses are the off-the-shoulder neckline wedding dress.  This wedding dress trend fits in with the whimsical English fairytale décor of the garden flowers and catering from the locals.  It’s a romantic and timeless wedding trend that we think most brides will fall in love with.

2.  A burst of unique videos and photos.   There are a lot of photographers investing more into Go-Pros and little drone helicopters to capture weddings from all sorts of angles, like viewing your ceremony from above along with all the beautiful surroundings.  With cameras as small as they are today the possibilities are endless as to what new and wild ways couples and wedding photographers are going to capture that special day.

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1.  And the number one wedding trend of 2015 will be… Western theme.  Yep.  Western themed weddings are in and Southern California is going to be a hotbed for ranch weddings and wedding parties accented with leather, antlers wild flowers, and outdoor venues.  Bourbon and whisky were big last year as mixed cocktail options and that trend will nicely carry over with western themed weddings.

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