5 Must Read Wedding Register Tips

You got engaged!  Congratulations!   Now lets get you some fun wedding gifts with a little wedding advice!

Weddings are expensive and sometimes stressful but when it’s all said and done, you and your partner will have grown stronger and more than likely, you’ll have replaced your old Ikea furniture with something more… let’s say, “Mature.”  Here are five insightful wedding registry tips to help you and your partner make the best of your wedding gifts.


Planning a wedding involves a lot of conversations.  One of the easiest and funniest conversations you’ll more than likely have is, “What should we get!”  It’s a nice icebreaker into the world of wedding planning and its nice to start compiling your list so you have time to really think about what you both want to put on it.

You’ll be surprised how your registry evolves as the months go by too.  You might wake up in a cold sweat one night and realize you need a waffle Iron!  Or you’ll see towels at your friend’s house that are WAY cooler than the ones you two picked out.  It’s just a fun collection of wants-and-wishes that you can keep between you and your partner until your invitations go out.  It’ll keep you guys happy.



What’s the best gift registry?  I’ll save you the headache: Amazing Registry!  I did a ton of research on gift registries when I was getting married and Amazing Registry was far and away the easiest one.   It lets you combine multiple department store and online store registries into one sleek layout.  Its easy super easy for guests to use and you can track when people purchase stuff.  You don’t have to know either if you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Amazon.com also has a great registry with the widest selection of items to choose from.  Crate & Barrel was also one of our favorites; they treated us well, the packages were well wrapped and they gave us 10% off anything for an entire year!  Both Amazon and Crate & Barrel were conjoined on our Amazing Gift Registry.


Chances are your wedding guests aren’t going to buy you that paper-thin 60-inch flat screen or that boxy Mid-century-modern sofa you’re both drooling over.  The average guest is probably going to spend somewhere between $40 and $150 on a wedding gift, so give them a nice variety to choose from.   Our registry had lots of $20 items like kitchen utensils to bar trinkets, all the way up to, that boxy Mid-century-modern sofa my wife and I were both drooling over-which we got using some of the money and gift cards we so graciously received from our guests!

You’ll also find that some of your friends and family members will go in on something together, so don’t just put lower end items on your registry either.   Keep in mind too that this is your one and only time to get the things you’ve always wanted, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you and your partner really want. Get quality things so you will always have them.


Having aShower” can conjure up two drastically different reactions.  Some LOVE the idea of having a shower, while others loathe the very word.  I was someone who loathed having a shower.  Frankly, so did my wife.   We didn’t want a big to-do but my sister, who is amazing, put together a shower for us anyway.  My wife had to go.  I didn’t (Whoooooo!).

When my wife returned from the shower we were both humbled by the love and generosity of our friends and family.  It’s an amazing bonding experience for everyone involved and a great way for friends to get to know your extended family and vise-versa.  We also received more gifts from our registry at the shower than we did from our wedding.  Everyone was so generous and it’s just something important I think every couple should do.



When my sister got married a few years ago she ended up giving us a bunch of their gifts because they received two or three of the same item.  We inherited a crockpot, mixing bowls and a blender.  She unfortunately didn’t have an online registry and wished she would have.  Frankly, I think guests appreciate it too; they want to buy you something that they know you’re going to cherish and use too.

My wife and I were lucky in that we didn’t receive duplicates on anything!  All our guests were able to go to our registry and see what items were taken and which ones were still available.

We also went back and added items to our registry if somebody got us something that wasn’t on there.  That way we could show everyone that we were gifted this item to prevent someone else from gifting us the same thing.  It’s really easy to add things to a registry and label it as received.

Well.  That’s it!  I hope I’ve just saved you a few hours of research and headache.  Please check out our other wedding ideas and skim through all the great photos we have on our blog!  They’re full of great wedding ideas and fashion.  If you need a little wedding planning 101 we’ve got some insightful tips and tricks.  Good Luck!

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