A Fun Wedding Typewriter Idea

Replace that gust book with a typewriter!

Our organic Los Angeles catering company coordinates and caters a lot of weddings around town.  Each wedding is so uniquely different that we are constantly seeing clever (and not so clever) ideas to personalize ones wedding.  But when we saw this fun and inexpensive wedding idea we just had to share it with all of you.

Take that boring guest sign in book off the table and display an assortment of stationary with an old typewriter.  Your guests will love it.  It’s timeless and romantic.  It’s so much fun to press down on those old keys and feel that ink stamp into the paper.

After your wedding night has passed, it will be so much more meaningful to sit down read through all the special letters and notes your friends and family personally typed you, over a laundry list of signatures just sitting in a book.  If you do want signatures,

put a little inkwell next to that typewriter.

Have fun!

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