A Husband and Wife Joint Birthday Celebration for our Los Angeles Caterers

The Los Angeles Catering Division went to Manhattan Beach this past weekend to caterer to a lovely gathering with husband, wife and close friends.

This private residence in Manhattan Beach could not have been more inspirational and sweet.  The husband and wife along with their children are picture perfect with happiness and appreciation.  At one point their young daughter did an impromptu speech that brought happy tears to many eyes.  As guests arrived they were greeted by their daughter with a smile and a fun way for guests to find seating.  They had purchased rubber bracelets with various sayings printed on them.  The treat was on the inside where they wrote numbers ranging from 1 to 44.  The bracelet along with number you chose indicated where you were to sit during the seated dinner.  People loved this!!

After entering through the breathtaking foyer and into the main area of the home, guests made their way to the backyard where they were greeted by the Husband and Wife team and our Los Angeles Catering Crew.  The bartender shook cocktails and the servers tray passed delicious morsels to tease the belly:  Tuna Tar Tar in Cucumber Cups with Avocado Oil & Preserve Lemon, Southern Chicken Lollypops with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch (the crowd favorite), and  Fresh Bruschetta with Tomato Concasse, Avocado Oil, & Preserved Lemon.

As the sun went down and the gorgeous night fell, the amber lights the host had rented could not have been more perfect with all the decor she provided and the other rentals of linens and chairs.  It was truly a beautiful setting.  After guests found their semi-assigned seats we called the tables up for the dinner which was served buffet style.  Your Los Angeles Caterers began with Wild Arugula with Apples, Point Reyes Blue (On the side), and Apple Cider Vinaigrette.  Normally this salad is served with peaches and nectarines, but they were not satisfactory to the Los Angeles Catering Head Chef, so she picked apples.  The Main Dishes of Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Jus and Pan Seared Sea Bass with Cali-Crystal Beurre Blanc where a big hit.  The dishes, being served by your Los Angeles Caterer staff, along with the sides of Roasted Weiser Farms Potatoes with Marjoram & Thyme and Grilled Asparagus were cleaned out.

During the spectacular evening our hosts got up to thank all in attendance.  Event your Los Angeles Caterer got a nod.  Go Team!!!

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