Alice Waters on 60 Minutes – The Mother of Sustainable Foods in America

You have to check out this 60 minutes special with Alice Waters. She is an amazing chef and is doing great things for organic whole foods. 60 Minutes Special

Alice Waters has been an inspiration to the American sustainable foods movement.  She is all about using real, local foods to create delicious cuisine.  She is responsible for starting the Slow Foods movement to which many Americans have caught on going to local chapter networking events.  You can find out more about the San Diego two chapters of Slow Foods at and  Alice Waters has also been very instrumental in gardening and sustainable foods education.  She is responsible for the organic garden in front of the capitol in San Francisco and I believe she was also involved with the organic garden that has been planted in front of the White House.  We have been very influenced by Alice Waters cooking and we think it might show a bit in our cuisine.

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