Amazing Underwater Wedding Photos

Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-04 catering san diego wedding catering

Every couple is looking to take that unique wedding photo.  While everything on land may have already been captured, the sea seems to be the new frontier in wedding photos. 

Wedding and Lifestyle photographer Adam Opris has captured absolutely amazing under water wedding photos.  Combining his love of the ocean with his work behind the camera, Adam Opris is turning heads with each and every photo session he has.  His technical use of underwater lights combined with his SCUBA license set him atop the growing pile of wedding photographers.

“I began shooting my future nieces in their swimming pool to test out the new housing and to learn how it all worked with lighting and exposures,” Adam says. “After seeing what was possible I started dreaming big.”

Anyone can take underwater photos nowadays but there is a quality in Adam’s photos that you just don’t see in other wedding photos.  There’s something captivating about the way the beams of light sparkle through the waves and the way the wedding dress magically flow with the current.  The images feel still and peaceful.  What a beautiful and unique way to remember your wedding day.

His wedding photos have inspired countless couples to think outside the box for their photos.  Adam Opris didn’t stop at just wedding photos either!  He has a fantastic collection of galleries on his website showing underwater maternity photos, yoga, fashion shoots, even the behind the scenes photo shoots are amazing to see.

Check out some of Adam’s work bellow:

Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-14 catering san diego wedding cateringBest-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-13 catering san diego wedding cateringBest-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-02 catering san diego wedding cateringBest-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-08 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-07 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-09 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-12 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-11 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-10 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-06 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-03 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-01 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-05 catering san diego wedding catering Best-wedding-photos-under-water-wedding-photos-wedding-photographer-california-beauitufl-wedding-dress-15 catering san diego wedding catering

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