Another Thanksgiving feast presented by your Los Angeles Caterers

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Catering Division, put together another successful Thanksgiving Dinner – this time on Mullholland Drive.

This event was a little different then the others we had this day. We call this a “drop off”. Our Los Angeles Catering staff prepares as much as possible in our kitchen. Depending on how large of an event you are having, our staff then goes to your venue which could also be your home and puts the final touches on the meal. This could mean some cooking, which will depend on the menu being served. There are several ways to present the meal to your guests. On this day, for this event, the host chose to provide her own platters and your Los Angeles Caterer simply filled them with delicious goodness. They then cleaned up the mess they made and headed back to the kitchen.

Just because it was Thanksgiving, does not mean your Los Angeles Caterer had to present all traditional items. This host in particular created a fantastic meal with some nice surprises. As guests arrived they snacked on Duck Confit Spring Rolls with Apricot Mustard, Chef’s Choice Cheese Display and Organic Sliders. Keeping mind one of the guests is gluten free, your Los Angeles Caterers made signs so everyone knew what had gluten and what did not. The slider selection, which is normally three options, this host chose 4. Changes such as this are not a problem for our Los Angeles Catering crew.

After a few cocktails and tasty morsels to stir the appetite, we moved into the salad, main dishes and sides. Being a party of 6 and Thanksgiving, it was only natural to serve Family Style. Your Los Angeles Caterers made sure everyone, was able to taste the roasted turkey, so they made one gravy gluten free and one gravy regular. To go along with the Turkey, the host chose Herb Crusted Stand-up Rib Roast with Red Wine Pan Sauce. Yummy! The sides were more on the traditional, as they should be on this holiday: Traditional Stuffing, Traditional Smashed Potatoes, Southern Yams, Orange Scented Cranberries Sauce, and Grandma’s Gouda Mac-N-Cheese.

Dessert…ahhh dessert! Remember those gluten free, your Los Angeles Caterer whipped up – literally – fresh whipped cream on top Pumpkin Pie and Banana Cheesecake with Ganache. Needless to say that by the time our crew headed out it was nap time for the guests. After all what is Thanksgiving without a nap?

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