Aptera – The Electric Car of the Future

Aptera – The Electric Car of the Future – Organic San Diego Catering from Eco Caters

No, this is not a picture of a car or flying transportation device from a “futuristic” movie. This is an new age car built by Aptera – a San Diego based company. It is an aerodynamic car that weights half of an average vehicle, and can stand the weight of two elephants. The car can be plugged into a standard garage outlet and fit up to two people. As if being gas and energy efficient weren’t enough, the Aptera’s seats and carpet are made out of old plastic bottles and cups as well as use natural dyes. It is immensly stable, agile, and even has doors that open up, saving as much space as possible.  So being the green car company that they are they needed organic food for their launch party and they found us to do their San Diego catering.

We were called on to cater their launch party in Balboa Park with all organic hors d’oeuvres for 800 very interested and hungry guests.  The menu was thai chicken skewers with marjoram yogurt dip with free range chicken from Jidori in Los Angeles, cheese display featuring humboldt fog cheese, beemster aged gouda and gorgonzola with some homemade preserves and veggie crudite with veggies from local farms including Sage Mountain Farms.  Everyone enjoyed the food very much, in fact so much that every bit of it got eaten! We are not just a San Diego catering company either, we also have an office and kitchen in Los Angeles to suite your needs from the San Diego coast all the way up to LA.

To learn more about the new age electric car visit www.aptera.com

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