Benefits of Hiring a Social Catering Service

5 Reasons to Hire Catering For Your Next Social Event

You’ve sent out the invites, selected the venue and now it’s time for one of the most important parts of planning the event—the food! If you’re looking to impress your guests at your next social gathering, you might want to consider organic catering.

From offering an interactive, food-filled environment to keeping things professional and done in the highest quality, here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a social catering and events team. 

Whether it’s a corporate event or a highly personalized wedding, having a team on hand to help execute your food vision is always a good idea. In addition to offering incredible food to fill the bellies and souls of your guests, a social catering team will alleviate the stress and leave you to enjoy the event. 

Make it Interactive 

Hiring a social catering service is part of the entertainment for an event. From a DIY buffet-style taco spread to a plated dinner that’s reminiscent of your cultural background, a professional catering team is all about the food. They’ll talk to guests about flavors and ingredients, answer questions and give guests a good ice breaker for conversations. Often during parties and events, guests will mingle and discuss what’s on their plates. Have you tried the Caprese skewers? Which salsa did you go with? Do you ever cook a dish like this at home? With food and drinks being a large component of most gatherings, it makes it interactive and entertaining when guests are inspired and comfortable to talk about what’s on the menu.

Save Time 

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a wedding or a corporate event, chances are you have your hands full. When you hire a social catering company, you’ll have more time to mingle with guests at your event. You’ll save time in the days leading up to the event and be less stressed the day of. When you’re throwing a gathering of any kind, there will always be situations that come up at the last minute. Perhaps a guest is allergic to something, a plus one has been added last minute or a special request from a guest has been made. Whatever the issue is at hand, a professional catering and events team is here to help. They’ll save you time and ensure that everyone has fun — yourself included!

Cater to The Guests 

One of the most important parts about hosting a gathering, from a barbecue in your backyard to an elegant affair at a venue, is to cater to your guests. To host an event is to invite friends, family or colleagues and welcome them into the space you’ve created for your own unique event. In catering to guests, part of making them feel welcome is to feed and nourish them. A social catering and events company will help establish a connection between your guests and the food. There’s a reason why it feels so good to step into someone’s home or space and share a meal — it means you’re being taken care of and looked after (which in turn, offers a feeling of warmth and familiarity). Professional caterers don’t just serve the food dishes — they make it a point to connect with your guests and cater to their wants, needs and food allergies. This lifts the responsibility off of you, so you can have more time to enjoy the company of your guests.

A Promise of Professionalism 

When you are hiring a social catering and events team, there is the promise of professionalism. A trained team of servers and chefs make it their pride and passion to ensure that your guests are well-fed and happy. They consider everything, including the fine details, and offer food safety and food quality. One of the largest parts of any gathering is always the food and drinks. In hiring a professional social catering company, you’re committing to guests that your bites and beverages will meet (and hopefully exceed) their expectations. Professionalism also means offering a large range of varieties and styles based on the host’s desire. Maybe it’s finger food and a casual cocktail vibe you’re going for. Perhaps you’re more interested in an elegant sit-down dinner with courses and wine pairings. Once you fine-tune your vision, a professional social catering team will handle the rest. 

More Time to Socialize 

Of course, one of the most important parts of a party is socializing! As the host, you’ve worked hard to bring together your guests. It could be a family reunion with distant cousins, a work mixer with colleagues from around the country, a small private event or a wedding with 100 of your family and friends who have yet to meet. When you hand the responsibility of the food over to a social catering and events team, you’ll have more time to be present and engage in conversations with all the people you’ve brought together instead of being stuck in the kitchen. There’s nothing harder than being over-the-moon excited for a special event, only to realize when all is said and done — you didn’t even get to truly enjoy it. Take the guesswork out of corporate catering and turn towards a team who’s excited to be a part of it all. 

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated sit-down dinner or lunch catering, you can rest assured that a professional social catering team will handle it all. Forget about the last-minute stresses, sit back and relish in a beautiful meal and a fantastic catered event

At Eco Caters, we’d love to help you fine-tune your vision and come up with a theme for your dining experience. We’re enthusiastic about what we do and have been for the last decade. We love preparing food with fresh and locally sourced ingredients to highlight the bounty of the season and share that with your guests. 

Feel free to contact us today and we’ll figure out the perfect way to best serve you. From San Diego, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, our team of enthusiastic creators is determined to make your next event outstanding.

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