Benefits of Organic Wedding Catering

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Catering For Your Wedding

There’s no dinner like a wedding dinner to bond two families together forever. With a champagne toast, friends, and family gather to celebrate the love of two important people. There’s laughter, smiles, tears, and a whole lot of memories to be made on this most special of days.

At Eco Caters, we’ve catered over 500 weddings, and we know that when you’re prepping for your big day, there’s a long list of things to do! Between the floral arrangements, the guests, and the venue, it often seems like the to-do list just keeps growing. 

 And then, of course, there’s the food! Food adds a special element to events all kinds, but especially weddings. It’s the thing that bridges the gaps between strangers and allows for common ground among all guests. Maybe they bond over the buffet table while they serve themselves roasted chicken or as they share stories while enjoying homemade bread at the dinner table. Whatever it is, food has a unique and magical way of connecting people.

If you’re on the hunt for wedding food and don’t know which way to turn, consider organic catering. Along with the more obvious things like high quality, nutritious ingredients, organic wedding food also does something bigger — it shows you care about your guests and what’s going into their bodies. 

Benefits of Organic Wedding Catering 

Although we could go on and on about the benefits of organic catering services at your wedding (we are an enthusiastic team, after all) — here are the top five. Think of these benefits as you begin the hunt for your wedding caterer.

Higher Quality

Organic wedding food is of higher quality than conventional wedding food. If you want your guests to taste ingredients at their peak of ripeness and flavor, organic food offers just that. In-season produce like freshly picked blueberries, sweet cantaloupe, and crunchy cucumbers can take wedding food to the next level. Whether guests are indulging in a Vegetable Crudite with Roasted Onion Dip and Apple Cider Dressing for hors d’oeuvres or Coconut, Blackberry, and Peach Sorbet for dessert, organic ingredients offer the quality they can taste.

Healthier Options

With organic wedding food, you’ve gifted the ability to give your guests healthy options. Whether you’re looking for tray-passed appetizers, a casual buffet meal, or an elegant seated dinner, healthy options and organic food go hand-in-hand. If guests are going to be dancing the night away, it’s a good idea to fill them up with healthy, wholesome ingredients. At Eco Caters, we like to work alongside our brides and grooms to come up with their dream menu based around what’s in season. A beautiful fall wedding might call for pumpkin-inspired appetizers, whereas a summer soiree might be inspired by the flavors of tomatoes and strawberries. Whatever sort of menu you have in mind, we’re certain we can craft it in the healthiest way possible. 

More Sustainable 

Organic food is healthy for the Earth’s soil and our bodies. Because organic farmers don’t rely on artificial fertilizers and chemicals, the resulting products are environmentally friendly and natural. For the Eco Caters team, organic wedding catering means creating menus that promote good health and wellness. We support farmers who follow sustainable food practices, and we prepare our dishes based on fresh, in-season, certified organic ingredients. What better way to say I do than with natural, good-for-you ingredients?

It Means You Care 

Hiring an organic caterer company to serve organic food to your wedding guests means you care. Guests will appreciate that you serve wholesome and healthy food with companies who thoughtfully source their ingredients. With a whole day based around love — organic wedding catering fits the same mold. It means love for the environment, love for the farmers who create the food, and love for those who eat it! We focus on gourmet-inspired meals that serve Mother Nature and respect the changing of the seasons. Whether you’re searching for a cocktail party vibe or a sophisticated seated event, we have you covered. Trust us when we say we care about your guests as much as you do. 

A Beautiful Presentation 

Organic food is naturally beautiful, so it’s easy for organic catering companies to create a colorful presentation using organic ingredients as the base — wild green arugula, pink blush peaches, yellow squash, vibrant red tomatoes. Think of organic foods as the color palette for your dining table. The larger the rainbow of fresh ingredients, the more enticing it will be. Organic food gives a fresh take to a dining experience. It allows guests to savor the flavors and the sights of the season. Whatever vibe you’re looking to create, gorgeous organic ingredients will make it infinitely more memorable. 

Our Founder and Executive Chef, Nick Brune, has established a unique sort of coast-to-coast standard of excellence. Along with the Eco Caters team, Nick supports award-winning sustainable practices in our kitchens. We’ve worked to develop lasting relationships with local growers, and farmers — so organic and sustainable practices come naturally to us. 

We’re passionate about organic wedding catering and love working collaboratively with our brides, grooms, and clients to ensure that every taste and preference is met. Whatever type of wedding you’re throwing, we work hard to create an entirely customized and personalized experience.

We’ll use organic food as the base, then get creative to show off your own sort of style. From out-of-the-box ideas to extra-creative flares, we’re here to make your event stand out. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions about the benefits of organic wedding catering. We’ve been at this for a decade, and we love it more and more each day and event. 

From all of us at Eco Caters, thanks for reading! We look forward to helping you host your monumental, magical day. Whatever you do and whatever you serve, we know it will be a beautiful, memorable event filled with people you love. 

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