Picking Out The Best Gift Registry

Why not join multiple gift registries into one “Amazing Registry!”

There are tons of great gift registries out there.  One of my personal favorites is Crate & Barrel.  Besides just having nicely designed stuff, they’ll let you run around their store with a barcode gun, tag anything you see, and its instantly added to your registry.  They also give you a generous 10% off everything in the store for a month or so after your wedding!

Amazon.com is another great one! You can add anything from any website and it lets you know who purchased the gift along with their address making it a breeze when its time to do those Thank You cards.  Oh! And don’t forget about Target and all that great camping equipment from REI, also a great one.

Now for the cool part!  You can combine all your wedding gift registries into one easy to use registry with a website called Amazing Registry! (www.amazingregistry.com) There are a few different wedding gift registries out there that allow you to combine registries from different department stores but none of them were as simple and easy to use as Amazing Registry.  It’s free and a breeze for your guests.

Simply sign up for a free account, give the login information from your other registries and your done!   It instantly adds your gift items and keeps everything updated as you make changes.  It will also show you the average price of all your combined gifts, total amount purchased and the number of items left to buy.  Amazing Registry will also let your guests know what items have already been purchased so you don’t end up with four of those blue pasta strainers your partner just, “had to have”.

Above photograph curtesy of Sara Allen of One Love Photography

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