Best Los Angeles Wedding Location: The Lush Orcutt Ranch

Did you know our Los Angeles wedding catering team also coordinates most of the weddings we cater for our clients?  It’s true!  So technically we’re a catering company, managed by coordinators, or, coordinators with chefs-or… well, you get the idea.  The care and detail our Los Angeles wedding catering team puts into our beloved dishes, is the same level of care we put into event-design and wedding coordinating.  Combining our catering company with our Eco Caters coordinator is an easy way to save money, and cause less headache for you.  Such was the case with this beautiful wedding by newlyweds Kayla and Mike!

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Kayla and Mike’s wedding was held in a beautiful garden in West Hills, California (about 30 miles north west of downtown Los Angeles), known as Orcutt Ranch.  Now a Historical site, Orcutt Ranch is one of those iconic California jewels.  The 24 acre park is home to some lavish gardens, gazebos, oak and citrus orchards, and a beautiful adobe estate house built in 1926.  Our Los Angeles wedding coordinator found the property ideal for weddings, quiet, romantic, and gave everyone attending a feeling of being swept back into the golden era of the 1930s.  (Orcutt Ranch, 23600 Roscoe Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91304)

“The Orcutt Ranch, formally called Rancho Sombra del Roble, was the vacation and retirement estate of William Warren Orcutt and his wife Mary Logan Orcutt. The adobe residence, as well as the estate’s garden, ranch structures, oak trees, and citrus orchard have historic significance because of the distinction of its owner W.W. Orcutt, pioneer of the oil production industry in California and discoverer of the prehistoric fossils at the LaBrea Tar Pits.” ~ (

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Following Kayla and Mike’s ceremony, our Los Angeles wedding caterers tray passed a fun assortment of hors d’oeuvres including an Argentinean lamb skewer drizzled with our earthy Chimmi Churri, our chef’s Mojo Grilled Shrimp with pineapple and chives, and crispy Endive spears with a whipped goat’s cheese, caramelized onions and candied almonds, to name a few.

For the main course, our Los Angeles wedding catering team served a hearty buffet of all-organic and local cuisine.  It was a great way for our couple to serve the kind of dishes they wanted with their guests to enjoy with them, along with saving the couple some money that they were able to invest in other aspects of the wedding like a DJ or more exotic flowers.

Our Los Angeles wedding caterers started off the feast with a large bowl of wild arugula tossed with peach, nectarine, crumbled Point Reyes Blue (bleu cheese), and our house Apple Cider Vinaigrette.  For the main course, our Los Angeles caterers served guests our Roasted Herbed Chicken Breast with Lemon Avocado Oil, tender grilled sea bass with a Cilantro Jalapeno Oil and crispy scallions, Crispy King Salmon with Fennel Onion Confit, our popular Wild Mushroom Quinoa, and a dish Kayla and Mike just had to have on their menu, our Glazed Farmers Market Root Vegetables.

We wish Kayla and Mike congratulations on a wonderful wedding and we want to thank them for choosing Eco Caters as their Los Angeles wedding caterer.  We’d also like to thank the great staff at Orcutt Ranch for sharing their beautiful landmark with us!

orcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-010-1024x682 catering san diego wedding cateringorcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-01-1024x682 catering san diego wedding catering orcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-06-1024x682 catering san diego wedding cateringorcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-03-1024x682 catering san diego wedding cateringorcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-09-1024x682 catering san diego wedding cateringorcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-05-1024x682 catering san diego wedding cateringorcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-02-1024x682 catering san diego wedding catering orcutt-Ranch-wedding-photos-Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-and-green-coordinator-04-1024x682 catering san diego wedding catering


Los Angeles Wedding Caterer: Eco Caters

Los Angele Wedding Coordinator: Eco Caters

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer: Email Kayla

Los Angeles Wedding Location:  Orcutt Ranch

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