Best Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings

Here’s our shortlist if the best photo booths to rent for your California wedding! 

Photo booths are a wedding staple nowadays, so finding a cool booth out of the sea of photo booths and companies that exist can be trying. So we thought we’d help you DIY wedding planners out there by cutting through the noise with our shortlist of the best photo booths for your upcoming wedding.


Wedding Photo Booth #5: Phot0 Matica

Photo Matica do tons of weddings in the southern California area and their photo booths are great for weddings. They’re easy to work with, simple to set up and have that classic vintage photo booth look.  They offer a range of booths and printing decor. They can even print out duplicates of everyone’s photo strip so that you can add them to a special album as a keepsake.


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Wedding Photo Booth #4: Flip Booth LA! 

Why take a lonely still photo when you can turn your experience into a custom flip book? These little flip books are amazing for weddings. Guests have so much fun creating them and passing them around. And, if guests are not interested in making a flip book they have the option to take photos like a normal photo booth. The best of both worlds.


Best Photo Booth for weddings rental Los angeles San diego catering

Wedding Photo Booth #3: The Booth & Bus Co.

The Booth and Bus company is a great way to add some excitement to your wedding. Who doesn’t want to take photos inside a classic VW van? It’s the ultimate California wedding photo booth. Not only do they provide a beautiful VW van photo booth but they also bring lots of amazing vintage decor like luggage to props to round off the whole experience.  They are the sweetest people to work with and have a great selection of backdrops to fit your needs.



Wedding Photo Booth #2: Foto Pod Booth

Foto Pod Booths almost look like stand-alone works of art. Foto Pod Booth is a great choice for a wedding. They set up a cool inflatable, square white igloo. If you’re looking for something a little more modern or just want something unique. They cover the greater Los Angeles and Playa Vista area.

Phone number(310) 902-5400



#1 Wedding Photo Booth: Classic Photo Booth

The best photo booth for a wedding is to go with the classic booths! These old machines are works of art. Open up the back panel and you will see a mini factory of moving parts, chemical dunk tanks to process the pictures in real-time. What you end up with is a truly vintage photo taken on silver paper and processed right before your very eyes. The look and feel of these photos are second to none and a true treat for you and your guests.

The people at Classic Photo Booth are great and know their stuff. They comb the world for these beautiful 100 year old photo booths and restore them to original condition. They have a great collection of booths. Stepping in one and hearing the machines inner gears come to life is amazing.



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