Bridal Shower Catering Ideas

Bridal showers are another way for you to celebrate the bride-to-be and the huge decision she’s made to join her life with another. A bridal shower is the perfect excuse to gather all of the important women in her life for a daytime party to honor the bride-to-be. You could be a maid of honor or mother of the bride, either way the bride will be tied up planning the wedding, so why not let a catering company help you plan the perfect party?  

Bridal Shower Basics

Bridal Shower Catering Ideas | Eco Caters

When you let an expert catering team take the lead on your bridal shower catering menu you can focus on the basics: the invite list, a theme, location, activities, and decorations. After all, these are the fun bits, and that’s your forte. It makes sense for everyone to play to their strengths so let your caterer take the strain when it comes to delivering the best quality food for you and your guests.

These days, searching for a bridal shower caterer is easy with Google and Yelp. Simply search “bridal shower catering near me” and look around to find the caterer that you believe best represents your special day, your tastes and values. Organic catering companies like Eco Caters are becoming more popular for the simple reason that they use the freshest ingredients that are locally-sourced and grown with respect and integrity, and without pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs.

Reasons to Outsource a Caterer

Bridal Shower Catering Ideas | Eco Caters

On the day, a professional caterer will help take the stress out of feeding a crowd so that you can relax and enjoy the party. They should offer you a wide array of options for your meal, as well as creative ways to serve the dishes. Having your bridal shower catered comes with many benefits, including good, honest food; affordable prices; minimal food waste; and unique ideas about presenting your favorite dishes.

Schedule a Consultation

Using a caterer is a smart way to save money. A great caterer will have perfected the art of knowing exactly how much food to prepare for the number of guests you’veinvited. They also know where to purchase the best quality foods for the lowest prices.

Catering services come with years of expertise and experience, which enables them to devote their attention to the details. They can add inject a little fun and flare to your menu while keeping within budget.

Ideas for Catering a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Catering Ideas | Eco Caters

When you’re planning a bridal shower, the focus should be on the bride. Maybe you want to reflect her whimsical, creative side? Or perhaps she’s traditional and loves a classic feel? Whatever her heart desires, here are some ideas to help you decide what items to include at your party:

  • Drink Up

Drinks are essential to any party. One idea is to hand out mini champagne bottles to guests as they arrive. Customizing the label with the couple’s names, the wedding date, and small hearts in their favorite colors is a nice touch.  

Better still, why not design your drink to follow along with the theme? A girly bridal shower screams out for a pink cocktail made with rose wine, for example. Or why not go tropical and serve your guests piña coladas with little umbrellas?

To make sure everyone is included, have your mixologist whip up fancy mocktails by adding Sprite and sherbet together in a cup, virgin mojitos, or even fruit-infused water. To really complete the look, don’t forget the garnishes such as a sprig of rosemary or a lime wedge.

Top tip: Hiring a mixologist isn’t necessary but it’s a sure-fire way to introduce energy to the party.

  • Pick Your Dish

When it comes to the main event it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of delicious food options. Consider seasonal meals such as watermelon and barbeque in the summer, or pumpkin- and cinnamon-inspired dishes in the fall. Another idea is to serve the bride’s favorite food (this is one of her last meals as a single woman, after all).

  • Piece of Cake

The best finale to a wonderful meal is dessert. Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat sweets? A dessert station is an Instagram-able idea that will have your guests flocking. Whether it’s bite-sized cakes or a dazzling ring-shaped cookie, a dessert station is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Add a Personal Touch

Bridal Shower Catering Ideas | Eco Caters

British Tea Party

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the ceremony known as afternoon tea”, begins Henry James’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’. It’s true, what could be more refined, more deeply satisfying than indulging in the ritual of afternoon tea? Sitting with your girlfriends around a beautifully laid table, maybe in a beautiful garden, sipping Darjeeling or Earl Grey from vintage china cups and ingesting your own body weight in dainty cakes, cucumber sandwiches and scones.

Aside from fuelling your Downton Abbey fantasies, the really great thing about an afternoon tea party is that it’s:

  • Suitable for all ages: Everyone aged nine to ninety loves tea and cake. (An important consideration when mixing family and friends)
  • Affordable: Hosting an afternoon tea, as opposed to a full sit down dinner or party, is a great way to keep costs down.
  • Short and sweet: An afternoon tea can span two or three hours which is a stress-free way to introduce new people.  
  • Rustic Bride

A popular trend right now is a rustic bridal shower. Rustic bridal shower food is quite easy to make and can be beautifully presented. This theme includes lots of wood and greenery, with the essence on simplicity.

Wrap a mason jar in brown burlap and fill it with a berry cobbler. Serve drinks, such as lemonade and iced tea in clear containers on wooden boxes. Decorate wooden tables with greenery and candles. Put different kinds of popcorn in wooden buckets for guests to munch on as they party.

Rustic bridal showers are a refreshing blend of simplicity and chic. With natural and creative touches, your guests will feel cozy but elegant.

Bridal shower catering makes the party fun and easy. Your chef will put a creative twist on the classics, which along with professional servers, will help make your party one to remember.

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