Burgundy Pairing Dinner catered by San Diego Catering branch, Eco Caters.

This tiny event gathered around ten people in a private residence in San Diego, California. As far as the menu is concerned, San Diego catering team and our client worked together until everyone was sure that each item would please all guests. In fact, a few options were picked out of the numerous menus available…

To start with, two types of appetizers were cooked by your favorite San Diego caterers. Then, guests could taste some of the Bleu Cheese Souffle served with some Wild Arugula and some Strawberry Banyuls, as well as some tasteful Chargrilled Oysters accompanied by some Creole Liqueur and Grated Parmesan.

Afterwards, our client had chosen to serve the Maggie’s Farm Spring Mix including some Goji Berries, some Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and Multi-Color Carrots with a nice Apple Cider Vinaigrette spread on the top, finely prepared by San Diego caterer, Eco Caters.

To go along with this delicious mixed salad, a couple of entrees were also served by San Diego catering staff. In the plates, everyone could find as a first option: some Duck Confit served with Glazed Turnips and Grilled Broccolini; then, as a second option: some Grilled Ancho Crusted Ribeye topped with Caramelized Onion and served with Roasted Beets, Horseradish and Wild Arugula.

Everybody was pleased by San Diego caterers’ work and professionalism and really enjoyed the food and service provided. At last, all guests could finish their meal with a nice sweet touch which was the Port Poached Pear served with some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and some Sabayon Cream.

This event was a bit different from the others your favorite San Diego caterer is used to catering since each service was paired with a certain type of wine. Then, all the flavors, which were present in the food and in the wine as well, could actually be sensed. Our client did an amazing job at this! Guests could not be happier about what they had the opportunity to taste through the whole evening…

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