California Olive Ranch

California Olive Ranch offers many different types of amazing and decadent Olive Oils. Many of their oils have won awards for their taste and freshness. Here are a few tips for keeping your olive oil fresh.

1 – Exposure to Light: It is generally a good idea to store olive oil in a dark cupboard and away from direct light. That’s because UV rays can break down an olive oil over time. This is the primary reason why all California Olive Ranch products consist of very dark bottles or packaging which strictly limits the oil’s exposure to light.

2 – Exposure to Heat: Olive oil can also get damaged if it is exposed to warmth or heat from a nearby stove or oven. The ideal storage temperature for California Olive Ranch EVOO is room temperature – preferably in a cupboard away from any heat source. Refrigerating the oil will hold the freshness only while it is refrigerated. Once you bring it back to room temperature the oil will last for a shorter period of time. Some flavors are lost when the oil moves from a solid (refrigerated) state to a liquid state.

3 – Exposure to Oxygen: Olive oil is a form of fruit juice. Therefore, it is perishable. Exposing an oil to air accelerates the oxidation process and will eventually cause the oil to go rancid. Once the bottle is opened, we recommend using the oil quickly (30-60 days) as the flavor and aroma will fade. California Olive Ranch uses glass bottles for its oil is to minimize oxidation and exposure to UV rays. Plastic bottles have a tendency to “breathe”. This means that oxygen passes through the bottle wall, makes contact with the oil and accelerates the oxidation process. An unopened bottle of oil stored in a temperature controlled environment will last longer than its intended shelf life. As oil (any oil) ages, it is exposed to heat, oxygen and light. Over time, the quality, fresh aroma and flavor of the oil will fade and deteriorate. The oil slowly becomes rancid.

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