Catalina Offshore

Catalina Offshore has the freshest and best seafood in San Diego.  Their warehouse, located off Morena Blvd, is open to the public during certain hours.  We recommend that anyone who likes great seafood make their way over there.  We promise that once you have bought seafood from Tommy at Catalina Offshore – you will never buy it anywhere else ever again.  Their jumbo scallops are the biggest and best we have ever seen.  They are especially known for their Sea Urchin which is also very fresh.  In addition to these offerings they always have an assortment of locally caught fresh seafood available depending on the season.  The best part is that you can get all this amazing seafood at wholesale prices.

Catalina Offshore buys their fresh seafood directly from reputable fishermen who catch their seafood throughout the pristine waters of Southern California and Baja California. Catalina Offshore Products technicians have trained these fishermen in the strict handling procedures necessary to preserve exceptional freshness and optimum quality. Most fishing is done with hand lines to save the environment and maintain their natural resources. Every boat contains chill tanks to ensure exceptional freshness, and they pick up the fish as it comes to the harbor or beach.  We buy scallops – some times as big as ¼ pound each – as well as fresh fish and ahi tuna from Catalina Offshore on a regular basis.

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