Catering for Your Next Sporting Event

Catering for Your Next Sporting Event

Why You Need Tailgate Catering for Your Next Sporting Event

Tailgate parties are a big deal, especially during football season. Although really, why should football season be the only excuse to throw a great tailgate party? We say why not tailgate party all year long? There are plenty of sports to justify such a thing, aren’t there?

Be that as it may, football season, whether it’s pro football, college football, or high school football, is the big cheese. That means tailgating parties and special events this time of year are all the rage, pretty much nationwide. You may even find yourself engaged in a little heated dialogue with some of your football-loving friends, arguing over who throws the best tailgate party. That’s okay, we all need a little healthy competition.

In the spirit of friendly competition, why not up the ante this year with tailgate party catering and really blow everyone’s expectations right out of the water? Organic catering will outshine all your fellow tailgaters and their non-catered parties with almost zero effort on your part. Still not convinced? Here are just a few good reasons you need tailgate catering for your next sporting event.

Catering for Tailgate Parties Means No Cooking

Let’s face it. No one really wants to cook for a tailgate party, you included. You just want to park your butt in a comfy spot, crack open a cold beer or sip a glass of chilled wine, and hang with your closest friends while you all enjoy a rowdy game. You don’t want to worry about food in the oven, on the stove, or burning because the grill is too hot. You don’t want to be anxious about whether you made enough sandwiches or mac and cheese to go around.

You don’t want to stress because someone ate the last appetizer in 5 minutes flat, and now you need to make more already. You don’t want to run back and forth from fridge to cooler, restocking beverages and making sure everyone has made a plate. And you definitely don’t want to freak because you thought you bought enough wings and burgers to go around but turns out you’re short. All of those possibilities are super stressful and can alter your tailgate experience! Who needs that kind of drama in their life? Not you, dear one. Not on tailgate party day.

Catering for Tailgate Parties Means No Cleaning

If there’s one thing that’s even worse than cooking for your own tailgate party, it’s cleaning up the mess from the aftermath of the party. But you can’t very well leave food sitting out or dirty dishes all over the place. You can’t stare at empty beer bottles all evening and not throw them away.

There’s always cleanup required after a good party and considering yours is one of the best in the neighborhood… that means there’s quite a bit of cleanup. But with tailgate party catering, you get to leave that cleanup for  the catering team and just relax after your big event. No need to put away the tables and chairs set up for guests. And definitely no need to clean up any extra food or drink left around the living area.From start to finish, your only job is to enjoy yourself, the delicious food and drink, and of course the big game. There’s no cooking, no cleaning, no stress.

Catering for Tailgate Parties Means No Pressure

For your friends that is. Besides, who likes to rely on friends to bring over good food? It’s your party. That’s way too much to put on all your favorite people. You just want your friends to come over and have a great time. You want them to enjoy themselves.

When they ask what they should bring, you want to tell them to bring nothing but their game face and maybe more beer. Take all that angst and decision-making off their proverbial plate (and yours) by tailgate food catering instead. They will have a better experience at your party, and so will you.

Catering for Tailgate Parties Means No Boredom

Who wants bland, boring food for a tailgate party? Not only is it not fun to slave away cooking all day, it’s also not fun to have terrible food with no variety,  flavor, or creativity. With sports team catering, you get to pick your menu. That means you can offer your guests a selection of different main dishes (wings, burgers, BBQ), a lot of delicious sides, and even dessert if you want to.


You can serve up cool and tasty appetizers themed for game day, along with plenty of plain old chips and salsa for the picky ones amongst your pals. You could even throw a breakfast tailgate party if the game is early enough in the day. Who says you can’t have eggs for lunch?

Catering for Tailgate Parties Means No Problems

It really doesn’t matter where you hold your tailgate party. You can host it at home in front of the big screen or on the field at a live event… catering just makes the process easier. Sometimes we have no idea how much energy and time is centered around food and meal prep, especially for parties and events. We just dive in and start making it happen. But once you step back and let a full-service caterer take over, you realize how much of a load it was, doing all that planning and prepping. So, don’t worry about playing the part of chef and go enjoy the big game!

A great catering company will carry that load for you and take care of all that planning and prepping in your place. They will handle all the problems that inevitably make an appearance. Some say the devil is in the details, and it’s true. Keeping up with all those tiny details as you play hostess fries your brain and steals your fun. Sounds pretty devilish! But handing off all those details to a full-service caterer frees up your time to thoroughly enjoy yourself, which is what tailgate party catering is all about. Good food, good service, good fun.

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