Chef Nick Brune Raises Relief Funds for Baton Rouge Flood Victims

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Nick Brune, Head Chef and founder of Eco Caters, joined forces with local San Diego business to hold fundraisers for Baton Rouge flood victims last week. Nick wanted to give back to the hometown, that has given him so much, including his love of culture and cooking.

Fundraisers were held at the Pizza Port Ocean Beach, the Toronado bar, and at the Hillcrest Market with goodies from Harvest Kitchen.  The San Diego events raised money and collect relief items to send down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A large bottle of beer was donated by Toronado to share with everyone who came to participate. popping the cork on this 2012 Alagash Curieux was a glorious thing to behold (pictured below).

After the fund raiser Nick said, “We are so grateful for everyone in San Diego who came out to show their support.”

If you would like to donate to the Baton Rouge area for flood relief, please visit The Baton Rouge Area Fundraiser and give what you can. Thank you.

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