Choosing The Best Reusable Water Bottle

Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles of water each year, and with only 27% of those plastic bottles being recycled, purchasing a reusable water bottle makes a huge impact. 

Finding the best reusable water bottle that fits your life is essential.  While it may fill a sustainable function, its got to be fashionable!  If you’re going to lug this fella around with you everywhere you go, and be apart of your life, it, has, to, be, fashionable.  Here’s a fun list of well-designed reusable water bottles in plastic, glass, and metal.  They also make great customized wedding party gifts!


-Body will be more hydrated because you will always have water with you

-You’ll look cool

-Never having to pay for water saves you money

-Helps save the environment and keeps plastic out of landfills.

-Seriously. You’ll look like, really cool.


Most plastics are petroleum based which as one can imagine carry toxins.  Those toxins leak into the water inside the bottle.  Believe it or not, not all plastic bottles are bad for you, or the environment.  BPA free (or plastic free of the chemical bisphenol A) are safe and do not leak chemicals into your water.  Reusable plastic water bottles are also some of the least expensive.  Here are a few plastic water bottles options.

nalgene_bottle NALGENE

Touted as the first reusable water bottle, Nalgene took off like a wildfire in the 90s and is still found in kitchen cupboards, car trunks, and backpacks across the world.  They’re slogan is “your water bottle for life” and I would have to agree with that.  While I have moved on to a stainless steel water bottle, my Nalgene bottle was my first water bottle and I will never part with it.

Suggestion:  Purchase the Nalgene bottles with the large opening vs. the smaller tops.  They may require an extra pause before drinking so you don’t splash water down your chin but they are so much easier to clean and you can put so much more in them besides just water.  Snacks.  Dried goods.  Matches.  Soup.


Another popular brand.  Camelbak makes a great selection of products from water bottles you can take to work, to water bottles you can take to the top of a mountain.  They make durable, trusted products and in an assortment of colors and sizes.


This local company started right here in southern California.  What sets this reusable water bottle apart is that it has an amazing, built-in water filter.  It’s also thoughtfully designed.  The bottle is made of Tritan plastic which is a BPA free plastic, known as the strongest plastic on the market.


There are some who feel that even though a plastic bottle may be BPA free, that it can still leak chemicals into your water or change the flavor of the water itself.  While glass isn’t the most durable material it is easy to clean and glass is a highly recyclable and plentiful material, making it one of the most eco friendly options.


With its soft silicon webbing these nicely designed water bottles from Life Factory are perfect for daily use.  They also make the most adorable kids sized water bottles too!

I gave one of these to my sister last year for Christmas and she takes it with her everywhere.  She loves it.  She’s an elementary teacher and has commented on how nice the lid is at covering up the rim of the bottle where you put your lips.  Apparently the kids are always touching the bottle but since the lid prevents their hands from touching it she has yet to get the flu or a cold from her students.  That’s a nice feature!


These simple designed bottles have been around for centuries and will be used long after we’re gone.  They’re cheap.  They’re classic.  They’re timeless.  Pulling one of these out of the fridge on a hot day couldn’t be more refreshing.  These bottles are great for sharing and romantic on picnics.


Stainless steel water bottles are virtually indestructible.  They require the least amount of energy to make, and easy to recycle. Out of all the water bottle materials stainless steel is my go-to-choice.  They do cost a little bit more but well worth the investment.  Klean Kanteen is the Nalgene of the stainless category, but there are two companies that have designed some awesome new stainless steel water bottles.


Out of all the water bottles I’ve come across none look as futuristic and modern as these well-designed bottles by Kor.   These bottles have a stainless steel bottle with a BPA free plastic top.  The lids twist off nicely.  They’re just sexy!



After spending a few months researching a new water bottle to use everyday at work, I bought myself a S’well bottle and couldn’t be happier with it.  First off, it’s so well designed!  It looks sleek and the double walls keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.  I’ve dropped it countless times and it has yet to dent.  It’s a nice size and I really do take it with me everywhere I go.   It’s a small start up company and they are very forward thinking.  I have a feeling this little guy will be my buddy for the next few years.swell_1

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