Corporate meeting at Villa de Flores, catered by San Diego catering team, Eco Caters.

For the occasion of ABC July Monthly Meeting, your San Diego caterers had once again the opportunity to offer their services – not for a wedding this time, but for a business lunch.

In the morning, while the kitchen and the front-of-the-house staff were setting everything up to get the event started, all guests attended a presentation after announcements. Speakers were on stage, entertaining everyone with their speeches… waiting on Eco Caters’ lunch to be served!

Prior to this event, the client went over all the possible details and options with our chef. Eventually, they chose to go for an organic plated meal. San Diego catering was delighted to help creating a menu that would be right and pleasant for everyone. In fact, Eco Caters is used to working often with dietary restrictions and always does a great job with this. Thus, for this precise event, San Diego caterers had to prepare one wheat-free meal; one no-cheese; one nut- and seafood-free; one diabetic and at last four vegetarians.

Therefore, if you are looking for a catering company that really cares about dietary restrictions, as well as tasteful organic food, do not hesitate to contact us. San Diego caterer will work along with you to make your ideal menu come true!

For this occasion, the menu presented by your San Diego catering staff featured a few options which were the delicious wild arugula with peaches, nectarines, some Point Reyes Blue cheese served with homemade apple cider vinaigrette. Then, guests could enjoy some flavorful Ancho crusted Ribeye with horseradish beets and scallion – and the vegetarian option to that was the grilled polenta cake accompanied by our tasty market vegetable ragout. For dessert, cupcakes were displayed on various stacks of vintage cake stands.

Your San Diego caterer really enjoyed working on that event, taking care of every details and everyone’s need.

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