E-Cycle Environmental gets new offices

Your Los Angeles Catering Crew adds a special treat to an office-warming party in Manhattan Beach, CA

As the employees arrive to see their new digs, they were welcomed by your Los Angeles Caterers with delicious treats. The company they work for, E-Cycle Environmental, has a “vision of corporate America becoming green at all levels of their business.” Their mission which sounds simple enough and it is for the willing. They provide “simple turn-key solutions that promote green practices throughout the workplace.” This is something Eco Caters, your Los Angeles Caterers, does on a daily basis. How we are Green is posted on our site. You can read more about E-Cycle at www.ecycleenvironmental.com.

Let’s get into the goodies. Your Los Angeles Catering crew set up a Stationary Hors D’oeurvre display with all our popular treats. We began with our Chef’s Choice Cheese Display with Market Fruit and Preserves. I will note that the preserves are homemade by your Los Angeles Caterer. A great accompany dish to this is our Mezze Platter with Hummus Trio, Tabouli, Olives Salad, and Grilled Flatbread. In keeping with the cocktail themed celebration we added the Vegetable Crudite with Roasted Onion Dip and House Ranch.

Our Los Angeles Catering crew did not stop there. The Southern Pasta Salad with local olives, celery, onion and lemon was brought out next. To complete the display, the host chose Mixed Sliders. The ever popular Curry Chicken Salad with California Golden Raisins, also the Muffoletta with Olive Salad and Provolone. One that is not as popular, but still a mouth watering option, is the Smoked Salmon with Olivade and Sauce Grabiche slider.

Your Los Angeles Caterers had a great time at this event and encourage you to check out E-Cycle Environmental www.ecycleenvironmental.com

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