Eco Caters at a Holiday Party: how exciting!

This time, San Diego caterers had to drive to Encinitas, north San Diego, to provide their fabulous services. Only eight people were invited to the venue. Also, the menu remained quite simple but nevertheless delicious!

At first, a nice Herb Mix served with Edible Flowers, some Pea Sprouts, some Heirloom Tomatoes and Avocado Dressing was plated by your San Diego caterer.

Then, thanks to the tasting our client decided to set up with our team, he was eventually able to choose two choices of entrees that actually fitted what he was looking for. In fact, all guests could then enjoy the Grilled New York Steak, which was plated with some Beet Salad, Horseradish and Chive; as well as some Toasted Coriander Crusted Albacore along with some tasteful Coconut Rice, some Root Vegetable Slaw and a simple but very tasty Avocado sauce.

When everyone was done enjoying their plates, your preferred San Diego caterer pulled out the dessert chosen for that event: the Chocolate Molten Cake served with a divine Candy Cane Crème Anglaise. Even though the final touch of the menu could have been a tiny bit lighter, everyone loved the Chocolate option! Rich but just too exquisite to say anything bad about it!

When the dinner was over, San Diego catering team received many great comments that are always good to hear when you have been working so hard with products you took the time to pick… San Diego caterers are always looking for providing the best of all. That is the reason why it is so important to tell them all the details about what you really desire for your event! You know your wonderful San Diego catering team will always be thrilled to assist you, when it comes to the menu, the organization, the guests… Any questions? Do not wait any more to contact us!

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