Eco Caters On The Road – Farm Trip

We packed our bags and headed north to find our favorite organic farms to order our produce from. We didn’t have to go far. Starting just north of LA in Fillmore we came across Beylik Family Farms who grow pesticide free hydroponic tomatoes and persian cucumbers (pictured). Great place for these items during the winter months. Heading back to the 101 we found McGrath Family Farm. These guys grow the most beautiful beets and squash, and have a huge amount of land. After stopping by Mary’s Secret Garden in Ventura (the best vegan restaurant in socal!), we headed to Coleman Family Farms in Carpenteria. When we arrived we were treated to more delicious food and then a walk through with Romeo Coleman. We even got to see some family artwork (pictured). The Coleman Family pay close attention to their produce and are more than just organic farming. Only the best lettuce, greens, and herbs come out of this place. Check out the shiso pictured below.

Finally we stopped at Fairview Gardens in Goleta. We where fortunate to stumble upon the farm manager Toby McPartland who gave us all kinds of information on sustainable farming and his garden. This farm has a huge selection of produce and a great stand selling fresh organic vegetables right out of the ground. We camped at La Jalama Beach, which was amazing and had great surf, and then headed home the next day. Look for more farm trips soon. We are always on the look for great food! The produce we get from these farms goes into creating the organic cuisine for our San Diego catering and Los Angeles catering.  (peaches at Fairview Gardens pictured below)

You can find all of these farms at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  We hope to visit more Los Angeles and San Diego farms very soon.
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