Wise Coffee

Eco Caters is proud to announce our new partnership with Wise Coffee.  We now provide Wise Coffee at all of our Los Angeles area events.

Wise Coffee is 100% organic and that’s important to us here at Eco Caters.  We like to see our venders holding themselves to the same quality standards that we hold ourselves too. Wise Coffee goes above and beyond by packaging their coffee with recycled and sustainable materials.  They have thought of everything.

Beyond the fact that Wise Coffee is 100% organic, it’s just great tasting coffee!  They sacrifice nothing in flavor.  They roast in small batches to keep their level of quality up and to make sure each cup of coffee you brew is perfect.  The passion Ryuichi and Sheila have for their coffee is evident upon your first sip.

Ryuichi and Sheila are far from a couple Coffee junkies, their knowledge and articulation of coffee is more inline with that of a sophisticated wine connoisseur.  They started their website (wisecoffee.com) in 2005 as a hub for caffeinated enthusiast such as themselves.  The website grew out of a frustration at the bountiful amount of poorly roasted coffee bean options and a lack of awareness coffee drinkers had in choosing their beans.  The website is loaded with educational information and it is also broken down quiet nicely, making it easy to swallow.

You don’t need to cater an event with Eco Caters, our Los Angeles catering company to taste Wise Coffee, they are more than happy to talk with you personally and suggest a roast to fit your taste buds.  Their website offers bags of coffee starting around $12.  Give them a try!  You won’t regret it.

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