Your Mindful Wedding Day Checklist

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Your Mindful Wedding Day Checklist

After all the planning is said and done, the checklist for your wedding day should be a short one and meaningful one! It should be a checklist focused on the most important thing at your wedding: YOU.

1.) I Will Start My Day Right

There’s a good chance your phone will probably explode with notifications on the day of your wedding; family texts alerts, voice messages from vendors, a pile of unopened work emails, a million happy wishes through social media-the list goes on and on. Before you reach out to the world on your big day, it’s so important to take at least five minutes for yourself, with yourself, to simply breathe and bring your attention to the significance of this milestone.

Take a walk around the block, a relaxing bath, or sing! Whatever feels best for YOU, plan time on this very special day to find your bearings, and intentionally start the day on the right foot.


2.) Today, I Will Share My Love With Everyone

It goes without saying that you and your partner share a special, fiery, goofball kind of love that only you two darlings fully understand. However, don’t forget to show and share your love with the people around you! Your wedding is a celebration of hearts. Don’t hold back! Open up to those closest to you, and tell those you love just how much they truly mean to you. I’d be willing to bet, they have some heartfelt sentiments to share with you, if you give them the chance.


3.) I Will Stay Off Social Media Today

You can share your wedding with your virtual friends another day. Today is about being present.


4.) My Wedding Day Will Not Be Perfect And I’m Ok With That

No matter how extensive your planning, something unexpected will happen on your wedding day. It’s inevitable. It might be a something small, like your Aunt Edna continuously turning off the AC during your muggy reception, to your dog/ring bearer running off into the woods and losing your wedding rings. How you react is critical. We suggest taking time in advance, to plan as a couple, how you will handle the unexpected should it arise. Maybe it’s pulling aside your coordinator and problem solving in the bridal suite, maybe it’s taking a walk with your new partner and putting a trusted family member in charge of the situation.

While something going awry might seem like the end of the world on a day like today, the fact is, you will more than likely giggle about it with your partner on your anniversary. Imperfections make weddings one-of-a-kind.


5.) I Will Stop Every Hour And Take It In

One of the biggest complaints we hear from newlyweds, is that their day went by so fast, they forgot to take it all in. Inga, Eco Caters Marketing Director, was given some wonderful advice from a dear friend on her wedding day:

“She said to stop myself every hour and just enjoy the moment. It was beautiful advice. It gave me the chance to take in the love, my favorite people, and to be present on my wedding day. It’s advice I would pass on to any bride and groom.”


Want To Create The Ultimate Checklist For Your Wedding?

WeddingWire has everything you need to create simple, customizable checklists. We love the user interface and cannot recommend it enough. They also have a suite of amazing free apps that let couples keep track of their budget, build seating charts and manage vendors.


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