Four Beers You Need To Try This Weekend

Four Beers You Need To Try This Weekend

Beer isn’t about how wide the mouth-hole is on the can or if the mountains change color when it’s cold (I’m looking at you Coors!).  It’s about flavor.  It’s about breweries that take pride in their craft.  Since Budweiser is now a German-owned conglomerate, and Miller continues pumping out the same boring suds year after year, why not change it up this year? Treat you and your backyard guests’ to one of the countless budding American brewers out there. With so many small batch breweries popping up, it’s a great time to be a beer drinker. Here are some of our favorites to get you started…

KONA BREWERY ~ HawaiiRS13526_Kona_Hanalei_Island_IPA_6_7_pack_3D_111416

There’s nothing more relaxing than unwinding with a Hawaiian brewed beer and you don’t have to visit Hawaii to do so.

A few years ago while honeymooning in Kauai, my wife and I came across one of these island-brewed beers from Kona Brewery. We instantly fell in love with its full, smooth flavor.  Thanks to its popularity, this father/son brewing team (founded in 1995) can now be found all over the mainland.  The Long Board Larger and the Big Wave Golden Ale are two of my personal favorite. However, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Kona Brewing Company recognizes that the future of the earth depends on how businesses and individuals treat her. To show their commitment to sustainability, Kona Brewing Company utilizes the services of a Sustainability Coordinator within its company. Most of the Kailua-Kona breweries refuse brewed grain is given to cattle ranchers and the remaining amount is used as an ingredient in their pubs’ pizza dough and bread.” (Kona Brewing Company)

erb_logo_2016_pms158c-1024x1024EAGLE ROCK BREWERY ~ Southern California

Eagle Rock is a neighborhood brewery in Los Angeles, spreading regionally like wildfire!

Started by a husband/wife/father team, the family has been making a wide selection of fun and approachable beers.  I had the pleasure of visiting their brewery a few years ago and was thoroughly impressed with the brewery.  They handcraft small batches and it is really run by the three of them!  Their beer list is always evolving. Yet, if I were pressed to pick a favorite, I’d go with the Revolution Extra Pale Ale or the Manifesto Wit Bier. They are both full flavored and hop-happy.  Eagle Rock Brewery makes great sipping beers so enjoy, you won’t want to rush through them.


 ~ Colorado

I still remember the day when my best friend brought back bottles of Fat Tire from his trip to Colorado.  They were such a treat! The journey that beer took, to reach my porch, made it taste that much more satisfying.  The small Fort Collins, Colorado brewery didn’t sell outside the state for years. Thankfully, today you can find Fat Tire in 31 states!

While Fat Tire may not be so small anymore, it’s still an all-around great American beer. It holds true to its roots.  It has a nice balanced, yet nutty flavor, perfect for pairing with grilled vegetables and organic meats.




3770NEW GLARUS BREWING ~ Wisconsin

If you really want to impress your savvy beer guest’s at your next party, I highly recommend getting your hands on a case of Spotted Cow, crafted by New Glarus Brewing Co.  With its subtle flavors, of citrus and caramel, this is thee best beer I have ever tasted. It’s a cream-ale meticulously brewed in small batches, made from local ingredients, with a full trophy-shelf of awards. The only downside to Spotted Cow beer, is that it can only be found in Wisconsin.  Is it worth the trip? Oh, you better believe it.



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