Get Your Wedding Vow Renewed!


Our Orange County wedding caterers dish up and coordinate a beautiful backyard wedding vow renewal.   Our clients tell us what they want and our team pulls together to deliver.  

It’s becoming more and more common for couples to renew their wedding vows, and why not!  It’s a romantic occasion between two people rekindling their love for one another.  In the past renewing wedding vows meant quietly flying off to Hawaii and spending the weekend alone, but more and more couples are sharing the celebration with their close friends and family, and or southern California catering company is here to help!

Susan and her husband Ernest wanted to renew their wedding vows.  The two of them decided it would be most meaningful to share the intimate ceremony with their children, extended family and a few close friends.  They turned to our friendly and seasoned staff to help them coordinate and cater their event.  Our Coordinator helped the couple work out their budget; created a custom menu for their taste buds, and took care of rentals and organizing their ceremony the day of.  What came together was a fun, laidback wedding vow renewal surrounded by the people closest to them, in the backyard of their beautiful Orange County home.

Orange County wedding caterer melon appetizerA simple yet mouth water chemistry of flavors:  Our ripe, in season melons paired with fresh mint leaves and drizzled with our savory balsamic vinaigrette.

During most of the events we cater our Orange County wedding caterers always makes sure the children are taken care of, with their own organic plates.  Sometimes our chef will cook the kids a bowl of our creamy, homemade Gorgonzola mac-n-cheese but for this occasion the kiddies were interested in grilled chicken strips atop Fettuccini.   It got pretty quiet at the kiddy table, which is always a good sign.

Come to think of it, it got pretty quiet at the adult’s table to!

Our Los Angeles wedding catering team grilled a savory, Porter Marinated Tri-Tip dripping with a green peppercorn sauce.  For our seafood lovers our Orange County catering company grilled thick fillets of Mahi Mahi topped with our popular, yet spicy, Cilantro Jalapeno Oil with sautéed scallions.  For sides guests were treated to our buttery smashed potatoes accented with black truffle, a nutty flavored Thyme Mirepoix Quinoa, and a colorful assembly of grilled Farmers Market vegetables.  The quietest part of any wedding (or vow renewal) is when our food hits the table.  It’s a little something we notice, and love.

We’d like to give a special “thank you!” to Susan and Ernest for choosing Eco Caters as their Orange County wedding caterer.  Thank you for inviting us into your home and allowing our chefs to share your wonderful kitchen.  And, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos you and your family took during your wedding vow renewal, our Orange County wedding catering team is excited to share a few of them with our clients!

Orange County Wedding Caterer:  Eco Caters

Orange County Wedding Coordinator: Eco Caters

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