Global Green and Essentia Team Up for a Fabulous Event in Los Angeles

Catering a Global Green Event in Santa Monica for the Grand Opening of Essentia, world’s greenest mattress company, was not taken laying down.

As you walk up to the completely glass enclosed store front, you are greeted by a group of lovely ladies to take your name, your donation, and asked to celebrate with Essentia, Global Green and their Oscar Kick-off. Essentia is the world’s greenest mattress. Much like the Temperpedic bed, it comes in various levels from soft to hard. Unlike its’ predecessor, this bed is 100% chemical free. It promotes health on so many different levels. While your Los Angeles Caterers do not suggest consuming this bed, we do encourage anyone to get consumed in this bed. It is absolutely fabulous and with a 20 year warranty, how can you go wrong!?! As you enter, you immediately notice the modern and simple setup. For this event, there were fortune tellers on hand for entertainment. I thought this was a great idea.

Meanwhile, your Los Angeles Catering staff was tray passing delicious treats. Along with Eco Caters treats there were other participants that used this opportunity to promote their sustainable product. There was wine from Casa Barranca from Ojai and vodka from 36O There was a DJ spinning tunes and a rep from Santa Monica Tribune taking pics. I am sure you are wondering about the food by now. It was simple and delicate. Seared Albacore with Orange Grapefruit Slaw which is served in individual spoons for one glorious bite. Your Los Angeles Caterers version of Bruschetta which is Grilled Garlic Rubbed Baquette with Tomato Concasse, Avocado Oil, and Preserved Lemon. The final item was Curry Chicken with California Raisins and Toasted Coriander on Celery Boats. Our Los Angeles Catering Crew could not get five feet passed the entry door. Not surprising, they were perfect bites.

Eco Caters principals and staff of the Los Angeles Caterer encourage anyone interested in a greener planet to go to Global Green’s website – It is very informative with tips for the home, school business. It has articles and event updates that are worth checking out.

This event was coordinated by Ballantine PR along with your Los Angeles Caterer.

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