Gothic Los Angeles Wedding location: The Houdini Estate


The Houdini Estate is a lavish 1920’s era Estate perfect for couples seeking an intimate Los Angeles wedding location bursting with personality and a lush tropical garden. 

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Whether you’re a magic fan or not, chances are you’ve heard of The Great Harry Houdini.  The man practically invited modern magic (or “illusions” if your Gob Bluth).  In the 1920’s he built a beautiful, gothic-era Estate quietly tucked away on Laurel Canyon Blvd, here in Los Angeles.  It should be a top choice for anyone looking for that perfect wedding location in Los Angeles.  Our clients Brooke and Shahrier fell in love with the wedding location and as you look over their beautiful wedding photos you will see why.  I know it might sound corny to say, but it is kind of a magical spot!

“Magic and mystery appear around every corner of this historic five-acre Hollywood Hills property. The gated and storied Houdini Estate features terraced gardens, a waterfall, a natural spring pond, an expansive lawn with century-old plantings, hiking trails, seven romantic gazebos, and stunning canyon views.  Old-world decorations, Houdini memorabilia, paneled walls, and a welcoming fireplace inspire a sense of warmth and nostalgia in the living room. Other amenities include a hidden pool table, outdoor fireplace, barbecue patio, and a heated pool and outdoor spa.  On-site parking can accommodate up to 50 cars.”   ~

Houdini-Estate-Wedding-Los-Angeles-wedding-catering-eco-caters-016 catering san diego wedding cateringOur clients Brooke and Shahrier wanted to treat their family to a classic Indian cuisine, and since our Los Angeles wedding catering team has catered for Indian families in the past, it wasn’t an issue.   Our Los Angeles wedding caterers brought out beautiful plates that incorporated fresh, and in-season ingredients into a colorful and flavorful feast, fit for young and old alike.

Our Los Angeles wedding catering team also coordinated the wedding the day of.  There are different options for having Eco Caters coordinate your wedding; it all depends on how involved couples wish to be with their wedding day.  Some couples enjoy having the entire wedding coordinated while others just seek out a coordinator the day of.  If you’d like to learn a little bit more on how we coordinate events CLICK HERE.  It’s something helpful we love doing that you won’t often find with other Los Angeles caterers.

We want to give a special thanks to Brooke and Shahrier for inviting us into their family, and for choosing Eco Caters as their Los Angeles wedding caterer.  Rachel Thurston (Los Angeles wedding photographer) did an amazing job as Brooke and Shahrier’s wedding photographer.  Rachel Thurston captured the energy and warmth that the couple, and their family emitted during their touching ceremony, their catered feast, and especially on the dance floor.  If you’d like to see more of Rachel Thurston’s work (which I highly recommend you doing), you can snoop around her website and see all her fun photography:

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Houdini-Estate-Wedding-Los-Angeles-wedding-catering-eco-caters-01 catering san diego wedding catering Houdini-Estate-Wedding-Los-Angeles-wedding-catering-eco-caters-05 catering san diego wedding catering

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Los Angeles Wedding Caterer:  Eco Caters

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer:  Rachel Thurston

Los Angeles Wedding Location: The Houdini Estate 

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