Green Premier Party at Children’s Museum

Eco Caters sponsored the Green Premier Party on Saint Patties Day at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego.  The organic catering we provided consisted of 3 of our signature hors d’oeuvres including seafood sausage with shrimp, scallops and local halibut, cucumber cups with mango, preserve lemon, chili powder and lime as well as a spicy black bean and watercress and cilantro bisque shooter with a freshly made corn tortilla strip. All of the produce came from local farmers including the persian cucumbers from Beylik Farms, the cream from Strauss Family Creamery and the Seafood all from local purveyors. The oil used to fry the chips was given to Wherever Limousine service to power their biodiesel limo, the only eco-friendly limo service in San Diego.  Everyone at the event was very green minded so the organic catering menu went over very well.

We did a promotional spot for the event on KUSI news in the morning and talked a bit about our food and the event. You can find the video at

The event went very well and everybody enjoyed our food.  We hope to do more events at the Children’s Museum in the future should they need our organic catering services.

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