Green Wedding catered by Eco Caters in Escondido.

As guests were arriving to the venue to celebrate our couple’s wedding on that gorgeous day of September, you San Diego wedding caterers were absolutely making sure that everything was all set! Each detail was taken in account; so that nothing was missed.

Around 6pm, the ceremony started and our bride and groom finally got the opportunity to say “Yes” to each other! What a magical moment!

After that, all guests walked to the reception area where everything was ready for them. San Diego wedding catering staff was very attentive and happy to serve everyone. Cocktails were served, along with some stationary hors d’oeuvres, featuring the Chef’s Choice Cheese Display with some Organic Market Fruit and Preserves; as well as the Hummus Trio with some Tabouli, Olive Salad, and delicious Grilled Flatbread.

Then, your San Diego wedding caterers had prepared a nice Farmers Market Salad including the Best of the Market Greens and Vegetables with a tasty house vinaigrette dressing. As main dishes, our couple chose to have the Braised Beef Brisket, cooked with Tomato and Garlic, and also the Chipotle Blueberry Chicken. To accompany these, San Diego wedding caterer served some Roasted Weiser Farms Potatoes cooked with Marjoram and Thyme; as well as the well-known Gouda Mac and Cheese.

All guests enjoyed the great and fresh organic food that was served and even went for a second turn!

So, do not hesitate to contact your favorite San Diego wedding catering now for further information. The team will delighted to help you organizing your event, whether it is a wedding, a corporate gathering, a private dinner… Plenty of options are available. Also, your San Diego wedding caterer can always make arrangements; so that your menu may end up being the one you actually wished for! And that is what makes a day pretty special!

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