Happy Birthday!

Our all-organic, Los Angeles catering company classed up a private birthday party last weekend.

It’s fun to have a Los Angeles catering company come in and cater special events at your home  It lets you relax and spend more time with your guests;  Plus it adds a bit of class to your party.  The bartenders will serve up mixed cocktails, our waiters will pass fresh appetizers from your kitchen, and our chef can put together picturesque cheese and fruit boards like the ones shown below from last weekends private birthday party.  As a Los Angeles caterer we love doing private parties like Birthday celebrations.

Our Los Angeles caterers arranged this assortment of cheeses including a soft goats’ cheese topped with shaved peaches, grilled crostini rubbed with garlic, fresh Farmers Market fruit and our own homemade preserves.  Our Los Angeles caterers also tossed steamed artichoke, grilled bell peppers and crispy arugula with our house vinaigrette for a savory salad.

Our Los Angeles catering team tray passed three scrumptious little Slider sandwiches.  The first Slider was tender pastrami and Sauerkraut on Pretzel Rolls dressed with our tangy Marjoram Aioli.  The second was a smoked salmon with olivade and Sauce Grabiche; last our Los Angels catering team served a vegetarian option of grilled eggplant with tomato, and arugula.  As a Los Angeles caterer we look forward to more fun and creative events like this one!

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