Healthy Catering at Work

Healthy Catering in The Workplace: How to Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Picture a day in the life of two different work employees. 

The first employee wakes up late and rushes to get ready, so they can grab breakfast. The easiest option is a donut and a sugary coffee drink. They get to work, and by 9 am, they’re already feeling sluggish and tired. The day has yet to begin, and there will be no sight of fresh produce or veggies until lunchtime at the local salad bar (maybe). 

The second employee also wakes up late. Instead of rushing to get ready, they take a little extra time for a warm shower and a mug of coffee or tea at home. When they get to work, they’re greeted with a spread of fresh berries, good wholesome yogurts, and a variety of homemade granola. They eat and feel happy and fueled up. Employee number two is ready for the workday ahead. Better yet? They know that in a few hours, they’ll have a nutritious lunch spread coming their way to power them through the rest of the afternoon.

The only real difference in these two scenarios is the food that the two employees consumed. One was not provided with fresh meals, versus the other employee who was. When you implement healthy catering at work, a variety of benefits follow.

From happy employees to a more productive environment, here’s how organic catering can benefit your company.

It Makes Employees Happy

When there’s healthy catering at work, employees are happy and fueled up for the day ahead. If there’s the option of a healthy breakfast or lunch spread, employees will feel like they’re being taken care of. Similar to a gym membership or a company car, good meals are a positive perk of the job. With a growing interest in health and wellness, workers will look forward to their mealtime spent with colleagues.

It Boosts Productivity 

Food catering for work environments boosts employee productivity. Long gone are the sluggish days where someone forgot their lunch and is failing to concentrate for the remainder of the afternoon. Also, for workers who might not be prone to healthy cooking at home, having healthy catering at work is a big plus. Not only will it get them eating right at work, but the healthy habits might transfer over into dinnertime at home, too.

It Eliminates Brain Fog

We all know the feeling of an afternoon sugar crash after too many treats or the brain fog that happens post-greasy lunch. With healthy offerings in the workplace, employees can bid farewell to unexpected crashes that happen after junk food. Filling the body with healthy food increases energy and leads to better concentration and a more focused employee. 

It Keeps People Present

If it seems that your workplace is experiencing a lot of absent employees, feed them good meals. Not only will happy employees keep coming back to work, but employees who are well-fed with healthy meals are less likely to get sick. When you fuel your team with healthy catering at work, they’ll experience fewer sick days and more time to get things done at the office. Keep them happy, healthy, present and stress-free.

It Creates Community 

Food catering for work not only tastes good, it feels good. Meals create a sense of community and work to bring people together. On Monday, maybe the chef serves a vegetarian buffet and two colleagues can bond over why they choose a vegetarian diet. Perhaps the following day, the chef serves a Mexican taco bar and two more employees bond over their cultures and upbringing. Food has a wonderful way of bridging the gaps and bringing people together. Healthy catering at work can lead to relationships, which can increase team members’ ability to work together. 

Eco Caters Workplace Catering

At Eco Caters, we believe that work is hard and lunch shouldn’t be. You demand excellence from your team and expect them to think on their feet. There’s no time to slow down, only time to perform to get the job done.

Your workers and teammates need fuel — and that fuel comes in the form of good food.

We’ll fuel your team with lunch made from organic produce that still fits within your budget. Instead of taking orders, our Simply Lunch program utilizes a personal chef to design exciting menus that take your company’s dietary and personal tastes into account.

 Tell us how many people you want to feed, how many days you want to do it, and we’ll cook on-site or deliver meals to your door. As we like to say, it’s easy as 1-2-3. Your employees will get all the benefits of healthy food, and you’ll experience the ease of a simple lunch. 

Sample Menu 

Our menus can be entirely customized based on your workplace. We can do dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, or anything you and your team desire. Below is a sample of some healthy catering ideas to give you a sense of the delicious menus our chef can create for you.


Farmers Market Salad Farmers Market Salad 

DIY Sandwich and Salad Bar



Veggie Etouffee Stewed Greens


Farmers Market Salad Brisket Cannellini With Vegetables and Orzo

Grilled Farmer Market Vegetables


Farmers Market Salad

Pork with Pineapple and Brown Sugar Polenta Cake With Vegetable Ragu

Banana Leaf Steamed Rice


Farmers Market Salad Farmers Market Grilled Veggies 

Chicken and Quinoa 

Mushroom and Farro

We hope you find what you are looking for in a healthy catering company with Eco Caters. At Eco Caters, we focus on healthy catering at work, at home, and at events. We’re an enthusiastic team of healthy eaters and chefs who are always on the lookout for exciting seasonal ingredients and stylish presentations.

We believe that there are many advantages to healthy food catering, especially in the workplace. Wholesome and healthy food catering at work can create a positive environment for team members to thrive. Integrating a meal plan into your workplace promotes a sense of well-being and lets your employees know that you care.

If you’re interested in hearing more about catering for lunch, feel free to reach out to us today. From vegan to dairy-free to everything in between, we’re happy to fine-tune a meal plan that works for you and your team.

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