Holiday Party at Pinkberry Corporate!

Your Los Angeles Catering Division of Eco Caters was delighted to cater once again the annual holiday party for Pinkberry Corporate.

We all know what Pinkberry is, so there is no need to get into the de-tails. For the second year in a row they called your Los Angeles Catering crew to come into their offices during the lunch hour to serve their staff. They were planning ahead with the food comma immediately following, as they closed the doors to the meeting room and played White Elephant. Which is a common holiday game for all ages and situations whether co-coworkers, friends, family or all. You get the idea. You can imagine with being a mid-day break and knowing the rest of your day is filled with fun, that everyone was anxious to get started on the food.

Your Los Angeles Caterers began with Chef’s Choice Cheese Display along with the Antipasto. Eco Caters Antipasto consists of Marinated Artichoke, Sweet Peppers with Arugula, Marinated Cherry Tomato with Mozzarella, and Mixed Olives. Before the last bite was taken your Los Angeles Catering crew moved into the main course which included a salad, two entrees and two sides. Dessert of course was Pinkberry ice cream out of the machine in their break room. Jealous!

The host chose the Farmer’s Market Salad with a house vinaigrette dressing. The entrees served were Jidori Chicken Pakora and Grilled Vegetarian Lasagna with House Ricotta and Market Vegetables. As if the staff could not get enough cheese, your Los Angeles Caterers served up the Gouda Mac and Cheese and Grilled Balsamic Eggplant.

Pinkberry among other global companies is moving forward with being eco-friendly. Being their efforts they chose to use VerTerra, the line of biodegradable products Eco Caters has available. We also have Aspen Ware for utensils which they also chose to use. You can see more about these products in our blog about VerTerra and Aspen Ware.

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