How Eco Caters Does Weddings at The Smog Shoppe

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Eco Caters, your organic Los Angeles wedding catering team is proud to be one of Smog Shoppes’ preferred vendors.  Our team creates custom, all-organic and locally sourced menus for all budgets, and coordinates for all sizes.  Since our kitchen is literally right across the street from the Smog Shoppe in Culver City, we do a ton of events here and we know them well!  Here’s a walk through of how our team handles your wedding!

Most of our clients reach out to us via email or through a lovely phone conversation with Samantha or Staci who run the office of our Los Angeles branch.  Both of them are happy to hear your budget, number of guests you may have coming, and hear your ideas on food.  Our Los Angeles wedding coordinator and caterers can put together a proposal for you, outlining all your requests and set up a delicious food tasting with.

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Food tastings are so much fun, so come hungry!  Here at Eco Caters, our Los angeles wedding catering team sets you and yours down at a table for two, and walks you through the menu you discussed.  This menu can include items you wanted us to create for you along with some of our classic, popular dishes we have served over the years.  Our coordinator will then leave you two alone as you enjoy a romantic dinner together.  Our chef Daniel will slowly bring out courses of food for you both to try along with paired wines or water infused with fresh mint.

Once your multiple course dinner has filled your bellies, our coordinator will come back in and sit down with you and see what foods you loved.  From their we can help couples narrow in on their perfect wedding menu.

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On the big day our staff will walk across the street and start setting up your event early.  Our friendly Los Angeles wedding caterers will come in and meticulously set up each table setting, arrange the details, prep the bar, and get our kitchen ready to serve your friends and family.

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Pictured above is one of our popular appetizers:  It is a seared Albacore Tuna (which is a safe sustainable fish caught here off the California coast!), atop a bed of cabbage slaw tossed with sweet citrus juice and topped with cilantro.  Yumm!

Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-event-catering-organic-caterer-smog-shoppe-wedding-photos-wedding-venue-location-3 catering san diego wedding catering


These are great, savory morsels for everyone.  The grilled chicken is perfect for a hot day.

Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-event-catering-organic-caterer-smog-shoppe-wedding-photos-wedding-venue-location-7 catering san diego wedding catering


As guests take their seats to watch the first dance, our Los Angeles wedding caterer team will discretely pass out plated salads for guests.  Pictured above is our wild arugula salad with fresh peaches and apricots from the local farmers market, local Points Reyes Bleu Cheese, and tossed in our Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

Eco-Caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-event-catering-organic-caterer-smog-shoppe-wedding-photos-wedding-venue-location-8 catering san diego wedding catering


A group of friends share a family-style reception dinner with grilled pacific fish, truffle mashed potatoes, grilled farmers market vegetables (whatever is in season), and a dry rubbed flank steak.

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After our Los Angeles wedding caterer, Eco Caters, has cleared every last plate, and guest have had their fill of coffee and desert, our crew will quietly clean up the kitchen and put everything back the way it was, give the newly weds and big hug and bid them a fond farewell.  We will keep in touch with our clients after a day or two, or maybe after their honeymoon, and see how their experience was.  Often, it is common that we keep in contact with our brides and grooms for years to come; we receive photos of children as couples grow their family, new houses, whatever fun milestones couples go through, we are right their with them.  We’ve personally saw them through one milestone in their life (their wedding), and it often creates a bond that leaves a lasting impression.

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