How to Save Money on a Wedding in Los Angeles

How to Save Money on a Wedding in Los Angeles 

It’s no surprise that weddings can often come with big price tags. From the venue and the food to the officiant and the music, all the details of a dream day can add up fast.

But if you have your heart set on tying the knot in the City of Angels, and are wondering how to save money on a wedding— we’ve got you covered.

Read on for our best tips and tricks for budget-friendly wedding festivities. 

The Venue

One of the largest expenses for a wedding is a venue. Whether you’re getting married at a winery, a hotel, or a warehouse — costs for wedding venues in Los Angeles are substantial. If you’re looking to save money, thinking outside of the box when it comes to a venue is crucial. Think of your favorite public places (beaches, parks, beautiful viewpoints) and look into whether or not it’s possible to obtain a wedding permit. Alternatively, you can also go the route of a family member or friend’s home — your aunt’s backyard, grandmother’s garden, a whimsically transformed front or back yard. With a little bit of imagination (and some twinkle lights and candles) the sky’s the limit with venue options. 

The Florist

Florals are a special piece of any wedding celebration. Going with a traditional florist can often come with a high price point. Instead, enlist the help of family members, fine-tune your creative vision for colors, shapes, and textures, and go DIY with the flower arrangements. Whether you’re gathering flowers from the grocery store or picking them from the backyard, you’ll be surprised just how magical homemade bouquets can be — especially with an assortment of mason jars and a collection of vases from family and friends.

The Music

One other thing to take into account when setting your budget is the music. You can go the route of a DJ, a playlist, or both. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a friend who spins records or a pal with a great sound system. Again, think about your inner circle. Start crafting a list of all your favorite songs and know that on the wedding day — any type of music to get guest happy, dancing, and singing along will do the trick. 

The Invitations

Invitations can be pricey, especially if you’re adding in all the extras (like RSVP cards, save-the-dates, and meal selections). Keep things minimal by sending out a simple invite, or go eco-friendly and do electronic invites. If it’s important to you to have a hardcopy of the invite for memory-sake and a wedding scrapbook, print a handful out for yourself and close family then do the rest via email. As it turns out, lots of people lose wedding invites (some even get lost in the mail) and wedding guests will appreciate having an email to reference. To keep things minimal, but still get in all the necessary information, make a simple wedding website for your guests to reference. 

The Rehearsal 

Typically rehearsal dinners can cost a couple of thousands of dollars. If that’s not in your budget, throw an “I-DO” barbecue instead or host a potluck at your home or a family member’s home. You can also plan a special dinner at a favorite restaurant, and mention beforehand that each group, couple, or individual will be paying their own way. Although this isn’t “traditional” the main point is that everyone is excited to get together and celebrate. In the end, if that means paying for their own meal, your friends and family will be happy to do it. If it’s important for you to treat your guests, look into affordable catering, so you can host the gathering at home and provide your own drinks. 

The Officiant

Today, more and more weddings seem to be using an officiant that’s a family member or good friend. If you put the feelers out and see if anyone is up for the task, you’ll probably find that you have a family member or friend who already is ordained to officiate a wedding. Having someone who you’re comfortable with marrying you adds a personal touch to the ceremony and can alleviate any “day of the I-dos” jitters.

The Personal Extras

Of course, there are always personal extras that add up for a wedding ceremony— like the dress, the suit, the makeup, and the hair. Just because there are wedding dress boutiques where dresses cost thousands of dollars, doesn’t mean that’s where you need to find your dream dress. Shop the sales, look at cream-colored or white bridesmaids dresses, borrow a dress from someone you know, or ditch the entire idea of a wedding dress and wear whatever you love. The same goes for the suit! With makeup and hair, chances are there’s someone you know who can do both (and will be happy to). If it’s important for you to get it professionally done, lots of makeup counters will do makeup for free with the purchase of products.

The Catering

When you’re feeding a large group, the priciest thing is food and beverage. To save money, some couples opt for a complete DIY food spread. Of course, this is brave (especially if you’re doing it yourself) and can cause some definite day-of anxieties. If you don’t want to go this route, there are a couple of other options — talk to a caterer about working within your budget. Perhaps they can cover a buffet-style meal and you handle the cake and drinks. Or — if it’s a sit-down plated meal you’re dreaming of, go for options that are more cost-effective (say, chicken instead of filet mignon). 

At Eco Caters, we know that the dream wedding takes a lot of planning and requires a team of people who are passionate about what they do.

If you’re getting married in Los Angeles and looking to stick to a budget, reach out to us today. We’ll help you fine-tune your menu and wow your wedding guests with fresh, organic, beautiful food.

From all of us at Eco Caters, thanks for reading. We hope we’ve inspired you with some ideas for how to save money on a wedding and make your dreams come true. Congratulations on a happy married life ahead!

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