In-Flight Meals by Eco Caters, Los Angeles Catering Division

LA Kings travels in style and with organic eats by your Los Angeles Caterers, Eco Caters

People are realizing more and more the importance of knowing what goes into our bodies.  That it effects the way we perform at work and during other physical activity, such as soccer, football, basketball and hockey.  In this flight, it was hockey, The LA Kings to be exact.  They contacted our Los Angeles Catering Event Coordinator to set up in-flight meals which are completely organic and will not make the passengers fatigued.  We did this as a drop off to the plane in proper traveling containers. They informed our Los Angeles Caterer that there will need to be a breakfast and lunch.  So here we go!


Homemade Blueberry French Toast with organic butter and maple syrup

Cheddar, Onion, Mushroom Scramble.  Served with hash browns and seasonal citrus

Cali Breakfast Burrito with chicken sausage, avocado, egg, and cheese.  Served with House Salsa


Veggie Lasagna – Grilled market vegetables with house ricotta and chicken bolognese

Jidori Chicken Pesto Sandwich.  Served on homemade multigrain bread

The way this worked was perfect!  One of our Lead Kitchen Assistants in our Los Angeles Catering Division prepared everything he could the day before the flight.  Early in the morning, the same representative came in finished off the cooking, packaged and delivered to the LA Kings flight.  He explained everything that needed to be done to the in-flight chef and was on his way.  That easy!!

Your Los Angeles Caterers have been contacted to do this type of service for their flight next month.  We are excited to be able to provide this service.  If you are in a situation where you need to provide in-flight food for your boss, a group of people or yourself, contact your Los Angeles Caterer to put the menu together.  [email protected]

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