Keys Creek Lavender Farm Wedding

Keys Creek Lavender Farm in San Diego is a nature haven for beauty, and wedding parties.   Eco Caters, your all organic, San Diego wedding catering team was on hand for Haley and Trevor’s country themed wedding, at this one-of-a-kind venues.

Keys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-12 catering san diego wedding cateringAs their name implies, Keys Creek Lavender Farm grows Lavender, and boy do they ever!  From May until June (which is the peak season for lavender) these bright purple flowers share their splendor with the world, attracting birds, bees, and brides.  Not only are these therapeutic flowers kind on the eyes, their real beauty lies in the flowers delicate fragrance, which tickles the nose everywhere your turn.  The farm uses the flowers popular aroma in making tea, perfumes and in the practice of aromatherapy.  If you’re looking for a place to tie-the-knot we can’t think of a more beautiful place that tantalizes all the senses than Keys Creek Lavender Farm.

Our San Diego wedding catering company prides itself on our sustainable practices so we are always excited to collaborate with likeminded vendors and venues, like Keys Creek, which is San Diego’s only USDA certified organic lavender grower!  Regardless of their organic stature, the Keys Creek Lavender Farm is just an all around great nature destination.  And, with fun monthly events like tea parties, private tours, and soup making classes, it’s worth a visit.

It was important for our clients Haley and Trevor to have a green wedding and our San Diego wedding catering company put together a custom, all-organic wedding menu to fit their needs.  To start cocktail hour off our San Diego wedding caterers put out a beautiful spread of homemade hummus: a roasted garlic hummus, a roasted bell pepper hummus, and black bean hummus.  Guests also enjoyed our cucumber yoghurt, mixed olives, and our grilled flatbread.

For the main course friends and family were offered juicy grilled chicken breasts topped with a mango and avocado salsa, our popular coconut sauce spooned over grilled Pacific Fish, steamed quinoa with carrots, and fresh from the local farmers market a hardy bowl of crispy arugula with shaved peaches and our house Apple Cider Vinaigrette Dressing.  Our San Diego caterers received some very nice compliments on the food which our team always enjoys hearing

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say, “Thank You!” Haley and Trevor for choosing Eco Caters as their San Diego wedding caterer.  We had a wonderful time getting to know you over the wedding process and we wish you two the best!  “Thank You!” to Key’s Creek Lavender Farm for sharing their wonderful event space with us.  Lastly, we’d like to thank Natalia Robert of Full Circle Images for allowing us to share these wonderful wedding photos.  We encourage you to visit Natalia’s website ( and snoop around; she has some amazing photos to look through!

Keys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-25 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-24 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-23 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-20 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-18 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-17 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-11 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-10 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-09 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-08 catering san diego wedding cateringKeys-Creek-Lavender-Farm-Wedding-organic-wedding-san-diego-wedding-catering-eco-caters-country-wedding-photos-Natalia-Robert-full-circle-images-lavender-farm-04 catering san diego wedding catering

San Diego Wedding Venue: Keys Creek Lavender Farm

San Diego Wedding Caterer: Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Photograher: Natalia Robert of Full Circle Images

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