Los Angeles Catering Division Welcomed 2011 with a Pizza Party at a Sustainable Home

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Catering Division, was called upon to create a Build Your Own Pizza Party on New Years Day at a home that is sustainable

This blog is going to be about the event and some of the efforts one family has made to be eco-friendly. We will start with the family. It took five years of planning and building to create this sustainable home, but in the end completely worth it. From the outside the home looks like your typical LA residence with a garage, a gate and multiple levels. Once you get to the other side of the gate the world around you changes and you do not feel like you are in Los Angeles. Catering here was a delight. Walking up the stairs outlined with stones, similar to the stones used in a hot rock massage, immediately feel a zen come over you. Just before stepping through the front entrance you can not miss the koi pond which is not just outside. This pond flows into the foyer adding to the gorgeous entry way. The next thing you notice is the flooring throughout the first floor of the residence. It looks looks it is glossy cement or shiny concrete, but ask the home owner and she will tell you it is recycled glass. Absolutely beautiful! Once you enter the kitchen, the cabinetry takes a hold of your eyes, which we found out is completely bamboo. The design and set up was a perfect fit with the flooring.

The entire backside of the home is glass with sliding doors from the kitchen to the outside. You want to go outside, even on this brisk day. It is complete with a sustainable playground for their daughter and a separated adult patio with two lounge areas both with sustainable furniture. When you turn back to view this breathtaking home again you notice the roof lined with Solar Panels. The look of the panels adds to the sleekness of the home and the design. I can go on and on, but it is party time!

Our host has a Build Your Own Pizza party every year on this day. This time they chose your eco-friendly Los Angeles Caterers, Eco Caters. It is what you think: par cooked dough with sauces and toppings made your way, then completely cooked by your Los Angeles Caterers. Our Head Chef made the dough from scratch, the only way we know how. He also made the sauces from scratch: Classic Tomato Sauce, Aged Gouda Beschemel, and Mortar & Pestle Pesto. The toppings filled the entire center island of the kitchen. Your Los Angeles Caterer chopped everything from Mozzarella Cheese to Button Mushrooms, from Jidori Chicken to Pepperoni, and from Black Olives to Artichokes. All organic and purchased locally, of course. Dessert was simple Fresh Fruit along with treats that some of the guests brought.

Doing a Pizza Party is great for kids and adults. It is interactive and keeps the flow going. Did I mention this home was also equipment with a wood burning pizza oven? The aroma was unbelievable and a great way to warm the house without the use of electricity or gas. This Los Angeles Caterer personally loved this home and welcomes any questions about sustainability.

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