Los Angeles Wedding Catering at The Marrakesh House

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Wedding Caterers, serves organic delights once again at The Marrakesh House in Culver City.

If you have not read our blog about this amazing venue, please refer to it. The Marrakesh house is such and interesting location for any event. You can have your wedding, birthday parties, company holiday parties and alike. The venue is open to outside catering, which Eco Caters, Los Angeles Wedding Caterer is there a lot. On this particular day we were celebrating the union of a young couple in love. The setting was perfect being that The Marrakesh House is exactly that, a house. The bride and groom are from two completely different cultures bringing together their families and friends, some meeting for the first time. How fitting to host them in a venue that is a home setting, much like those who have weddings in their own home or that of a relative. They chose this venue also because of its care for the environment. www.marrakeshhouse.com

Our bride and groom chose items that fit the likes of their guests with a variety of options. When guests arrived they were greeted by our Los Angeles Wedding Catering staff with Lychee Mojitos, the signature drink of the wedding and tray passing hors d’ouevres. The items they chose were Argentinean Lamb Skewer with Chimmi Churri, Seared Albacore with Orange Grapefruit Slaw & Spring Rolls. While guests were enjoying mingling and touring the interesting venue our Los Angeles wedding caterers were in the open kitchen putting the finishing touches on their salad, main course and sides to their buffet dinner. (Tip to save money: find a venue that has a full kitchen).

The menu was simple but was sure to satisfy all the appetites. Their salad was a Farmer’s Market Salad that included Best of the Market greens and vegetables with a house vinaigrette dressing. As a reminder, our Executive Chef shops personally at local farms for all the produce being used in every dish for every event. The main items being served were Braised Pork Shoulder with Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce and Sauteed Pacific Fish with Mango Salsa. Again, all organic. The fish is from the Pacific because our chef does not believe in frozen foods. The accompaniments that Eco Caters, Los Angeles Wedding Caterer served up were Grilled Corn on the Cob and Steamed Market Vegetables.

In this blog our Los Angeles Wedding Caterers gave you a little insight to The Marrakesh House and a cost saving tip when planning your wedding or event. Hopefully this has been educational and refreshing information.

Photos provided by Apertura Photography, one of our Preferred Vendors.

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