Los Angeles Wedding Catering at The Smog Shoppe in Culver City

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Wedding Caterers, serves organic catering at one if its’ favorite venues, The Smog Shoppe.

It is refreshing when an eco-friendly couple seeks an eco-friendly catering company and an eco-friendly venue to showcase their union. Our bride and groom were so excited to find Smog Shoppe in Culver City because they are one of the most sustainably designed urban spaces in the United States. Eco Caters, Los Angeles Wedding Caterers, are on their preferred vendor list for the similar reason. We use only organic food, which is hand picked by our executive chef on a by event basis. This means no waste. He looks at each menu individually and uses a precise system so overage does not occur. The uncooked scraps from prepping, which is normal, is not tossed in the trash.

Just like the Smog Shoppe used salvaged lumber and metal scrap for their furniture, Eco Caters composts their scraps for garden building. To learn more about how to not waste food, we suggest reading The Rodale Book of Composting: Easy Methods for Every Gardener. This book teaches you how to improve your soil with recycled kitchen and yard wastes which in turn will help grow healthier plants and create an earth-safe garden. I am getting side tracked here, my apologies, composting excites me. Back to the bride and groom.

Being, the now husband and wife’s mutual desire towards the care of the earth, naturally they chose our two companies for their special day. The ceremony began just as the sun was making its decent to the towards the horizon. Immediately following guests enjoyed tray passed appetizers of Turkey Sliders, Fresh Bruschetta, and Melon Basil Skewers.

Their entree choices, served Family Style, were Porter Marinated Tri Tip with Green Peppercorn Sauce and Blueberry Chipotle Chicken Breast. The obvious choice for a salad was Mixed Greens with Goat Cheese, sliced almonds, 9 grain croutons, Goji berries and avocado dressing was served at the same time as their main entrees.

The hosts emailed our Los Angeles Wedding Catering Division saying, and I quote “Everyone LOVED the food – everyone we talked to thought it was the best food they had ever had at a wedding, especially the mac and cheese, which I know everyone asked for seconds on.” You can guess one of their sides was Grandma’s Mac-N-Cheese along with Grilled Market Veggies. The theme being eco-friendly and organic, we think this couple did it best.

To learn more about Smog Shoppe and how it was constructed, please go to www.smogshoppe.com.

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