Los Angeles Wedding DJ: Red Shoe

Looking for a wedding DJ on Los Angeles for your wedding reception and dance?  Why don’t you give Red Shoe DJ’s at try!  No fluff, just great music done right.

“No YMCA, Macarena, or Chicken Dance.  No Cheesy DJ voice or games during dinner.  Just simple, well-timed announcements that create an organic flow to the reception and a unique playlist that both you and your guests will love.”  That quote is off the Red Shoe DJ’s website and it is music to our ears.  Gone are the days when a corny man in a suit yells at your guests to “get out on the dance floor”; these guys are real DJs.  They have a seasoned selection of music they can recommend to help you fill your dance card and they are great at blending it with your own hits.  The DJ collective at Red Shoe will take care of it.  Just dance!

Visit Red Shoe DJ’s: ww.redshoela.com



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