Los Angles Wedding DJ, Smiles Davis

DJ Smiles Davis is one of Los Angeles best wedding DJ’s!

With her gentle smile and her broad selection of music, DJ Smiles Davis is one of the smoothest DJ around.  When she drops the needle on her vinyl record collection, she fills the dance floor with young and old alike.  We love her dedication to old vinyl too; the pleasure of shaking your hips to a nice warm record doesn’t even compare to the flat, compressed sound of the MP3s used by most Los Angeles wedding DJ’s.  Her music is always evolving and adapting to the atmosphere of her company and she knows just how to get you moving.

You can catch her spinning all over LA but the real treat is having her DJ your own event: www.djsmilesdavis.com

Photos by Annie Mcelwain

best wedding DJ for wedding dance

Los Angeles wedding dance DJ Smiles Davis

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