Making Clear Ice and the Best Ice Cube Trays for Cocktails

How to make clear ice and the best ice cube trays for cocktails.

If you want to up your cocktails, fresh ingredients and top shelf liquors is key, but it all starts with the right ice for the job. Some drinks (like tiki drinks) do best with smaller almost slushy-like ice, while others (like whisky on the rocks) do best with one large cube. Having the right ice cubes for the job can set your cocktails apart. And, if you top it all off with clear ice, you’ve got yourself one classy cocktail.

Vintage looking ice cube trays by Oxny

Best Ice Cube Trays for Cocktails

(Above) This stainless steal ice cube tray from Onxy is my favorite ice cube tray for cocktails. I love the vintage style and its so satisfying to pull back on the handle and break apart the ice.  Avoid the aluminum made ones that can seep aluminum into your ice and are also not as sturdy.

(Below) Evelots



How to Make Clear Ice Cubes

If you’re going to go all out at your next party, and especially if you’re going to put fruit or flowers in your cubes, having clear ice is the ultimate.

Most websites will tell you that you have to use distilled water or boiled water. This is incorrect. The only way to get clear ice is to have your ice slowly freeze from one direction, causing it to form into one solid ice crystal.  Normally when we fill an ice cube tray with water and put it in the freezer, it freezes from all sides causing it to look clear around the outer edges but cloud over in the middle as the crystals from opposing sides clash in the middle. There are two ways to achieve clear cubes

TOP DOWN: Place your ice cube tray inside a small lunch cooler, then fill the bottom of the cooler with water as well,

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