Marvimon – one of LA’s hottest and eco-friendly venues

Marvimon is an exquisite eco-friendly venue in downtown Los Angeles open to events, exhibitions, productions and fine living. Seven thousand square feet and a versitility like none other makes it possible for any type of event- from a production studio to a gallery. This centrally located space is convinient to access from any type of public transport and is actually a reinvented, almost abandoned old building. In addition to this, Marvimon Productions strives to be energy efficient by utilizing as much sunlight as possible, and in 2008 will be solar powered making it quite an amazing green venue. It supports green, eco friendly events and of course, recycles. So if you are an eco friendly company looking for a fantastic venue, or just a company looking to go a little greener, consider Marvimon Productions. Check it out at

Eco Caters has been providing organic catering events at the Marvimon and it has become a great partnership between a green and organic catering company and a green venue.  In addition to just being green, both of us are very modern and high end, making our clients very much aligned.  We hope to do many more green events at the Marvimon and will recommend this venue to all of our Los Angeles clients!  If your are considering the Marvimon for your next event then consider Eco Caters to provide all organic catering.

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