Michele Coulon Dessertier – Organic Wedding Cake in La Jolla

Michele Coulon is a lover of desserts and perfection. After working in a family restaurant that had been run for 25 years, she decided to open up Michele Coulon Dessertier in La Jolla. She works with her son Nathan, brother-in-law “Buddy” Don Ramsdell, her sister Dona, brother Don and Nathan’s wife Kayo. Her philosophy: “Dessert is not something you eat everyday, so make it worth your while….I would rather eat a small piece of something incredible than a lot of something not so great!”  She uses the best possible ingredients and method in making her creations. All her desserts including her delicious organic wedding cakes taste and look amazing. The ingredients in her desserts are fresh, local and organic. Check out her website at or stop by her store in La Jolla. Michele has made organic catering look gorgeous with her elegant cake designs that taste just as good as they look.

We recommend using Michele for your wedding cake regardless of if you are into organics or not.  Of course we hope that you are but Michele’s organic wedding cakes are some of the best wedding cakes that we have tasted and her design is unparalleled.  All of her other baked goods and sweets are to die for.  She offers free tastings at her store in La Jolla for couples considering her wedding cake services.

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