Why You Should Opt for Organic Event Catering

Why You Should Opt for Organic Event Catering

Many of us buy organic food as part of our weekly grocery shopping because of the associated health and ethical benefits. Yet when it comes to catering an event, do you give it a second thought? Are you worried it might blow the budget? Here chef Nick shares his thoughts on the advantages of organic catering for weddings, private parties, and corporate events.

What is organic catering?

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Organic catering is our commitment to using organic produce in every appetizer, entrée, and dessert. That means fresh fruit and vegetables are grown without pesticides and fertilizers, GMOs or other scary-sounding processes like ionizing radiation and use of sewage sludge (yuck!) It also means meat and dairy raised responsibly with strictly no antibiotics and growth hormones. No exception. Every morsel that comes out of our organic kitchen has been made with TLC and without added chemicals.

Really, organic catering is a key part of our passion for sustainable catering that gives you first class food, creates minimal waste, and supports the local community. But what exactly makes organic catering the superior choice when you choose a responsibly sourced menu for your event?

The advantages of organic food

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It’s healthier

It all begins with good, clean fertile earth. Fruit and vegetables grown in mineral-rich soil with minimal use of pesticides are forced to defend themselves against assailing bugs, which leads to a heartier plant with greater nutrient uptake, including higher levels of those free radical-busting antioxidants. (They also have a higher level of flavor chemicals, but more about that later.)

Hands up if you like your steak with a side order of growth hormones? Didn’t think so. Non-organic farmers add millions of dollars worth of antibiotics to animal feed every year. They also use growth hormones to increase the amount of meat and milk that cattle produce. By contrast, organic meat and dairy produce is entirely hormone- and antibiotic-free.

That means that you and your guests can savor the flavors without worrying about absorbing hidden nasties which could damage your health in the future. Who wants a mouthful of chemicals when you’re celebrating with friends and loved ones?

It’s better value for your money

Catering takes a significant bite out of any event budget so you want bang for your buck, right? The great news is that when you use great quality organic produce with superior flavor, it speaks for itself. At Eco Caters, good ingredients mean our chefs can do more with less, using only the lightest touch to make every dish shine.  

As a business, we also keep costs to the wire by minimising waste and managing our own resources in a sustainable way. This way we can pass those savings along to you to ensure that your delicious organic menu costs the same or less than a non-organic catering menu. This way, organic catering is good for you, the environment, and your wallet.

It’s food for the future

Many chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers used in commercial farming cause long-term damage to our environment and biodiversity. Some scientists estimate that only 1% of pesticides actually target the intended bugs while the bulk of them pollute waterways, destroy fertile land and negatively impact other species.

Food grown to certified organic standards doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals. It also requires sustainable management of the soil and a holistic approach to the environment. Now that’s something worth celebrating. Any food that supports agriculture and protects the planet for our children and grandchildren has earned its place at the table as far as we’re concerned. Now you can opt for an organic meal with the knowledge that

It tastes better

We could bang on about the advantages of healthy food but what it really boils down to is taste. In terms of flavor, organic produce puts its commercially-grown rivals in the shade. Why? Plants grown without chemicals are more robust and have better root systems on which to draw nutrients from the soil. The plant’s predator defense mechanisms even create chemicals that translate into flavor and aroma. One happy side effect of that is that our chefs need use only a pinch of salt during cooking because the delicious food simply doesn’t need help to bring out the flavor.

In addition, we make every effort possible to source as much organic produce from local farmers to ensure that your ingredients travel short distances so they arrive fresh and bursting with goodness.

We cater many vegetarian and vegan events and without fail our clients tell us that even their most skeptical, carnivorous guests rave about the rainbow of flavors.

It supports our organic farmers

Coast to coast, we’re proud of our country’s world class produce, from walnuts to artichokes, almonds to lettuce, avocados to poultry.

Competition from non-organic producers is high and the margins in growing produce and raising livestock the right way can be tight. So when you choose organic catering you can relax knowing that your guests will enjoy a delicious, high-quality menu but you can also feel warm and fuzzy about supporting the dedicated men and women who are leading San Diego towards a brighter food future.

Guilt-free catering is the pinnacle of good taste


Aside from the many health benefits of eating organic, one of the key advantages of organic foods is the flavor. When you’re catering an event, it’s the one thing that people will remember for months to come.

Choosing to work with the chefs at Eco Caters means choosing to give your guests great tasting, beautiful food that will leave a lasting impression and a small environmental footprint. If you love great food and want to go organic at your next event, get in touch for a free quote and to learn more about the cost of organic catering.

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