Organic Catering Companies

Benefits of Hiring Organic Catering Companies 

When you’re on the hunt for a catering company, it can at first seem like there are so many ways to go. Between organic catering companies, conventional catering companies, and those that rest somewhere between the two — your head might be spinning at all the options.

So what’s the difference between an organic peach used in a tart and a non-organic peach? Or a slice of organic, free-range chicken breast on your salad versus a non-organic chicken breast? 

Let’s take a closer look at organic catering services versus conventional catering so you can find out which one is right for you. After all is said and eaten, there truly are a handful of important (and tasty) benefits that come along with hiring an organic catering company. Of course, the delicious food of a full-service catering company is always a plus, we want you to find what is best for you and your guests. 

Organic Catering

Choosing the right company for event catering can be tricky; however, organic catering companies offer a long list of positive things for you and your guests. Between produce that comes from healthy soil to whole foods that make you shine from the inside out, here are some top benefits of hiring an organic caterer.

Healthy Soil

One of the basics of organic farming is utilizing natural, organic fertilizers. Organic farmers focus on adding elements to their soil that is rich in minerals and nutrients. These include things like plant or food material, green manure (also known as cover crops), mulches, peat moss, and more. 

Whole Foods

Organic catering companies focus on using whole foods in all aspects of their catering services and production. Whole foods refer to foods that are not processed or refined. They don’t contain artificial ingredients, and they contribute to a wholesome, healthy diet. This means opting for things like organic, whole milk dairy, as opposed to fat-free dairy that’s been filled with sugar or making homemade desserts with good flour and eggs. Think of grains, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, fresh meat and fish and fruits and vegetables in every color of the rainbow.

In-Tune With Nature 

An important component of organic catering is that we work to be in-tune with nature. Organic catering companies care about Mother Nature and serve to highlight the bounty she brings to the table in summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Seasonal menus offer ingredients a chance to be heightened with more robust flavors. This means sweet berries, juicy melon, tender corn, crisp lettuce, and so much more.

Nutrient-Dense Ingredients 

Eating organic food has shown to be more nutrient-dense than their non-organic counterparts. Charles Benbrook from Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources states, “across the important antioxidant compounds in fruits and vegetables, organic fruits and vegetables deliver between 20 and 40 percent higher antioxidant activity.” Pack on the organic produce and reap the array of benefits that antioxidants offer. 

Beneficial to Farmers 

For organic catering companies like ours, we know that the most important relationship we have is with our community. Our food communities are built on small farmers, and we must support them. Not only does buying locally and organically mean we’re giving back to the community we serve, but it also means fruit and vegetables that are picked at their peak of ripeness. When we have ripe fruit that hasn’t been transported from another part of the country, we have more flavorful dishes. 

Non-Organic Catering 

Although non-organic or conventional catering companies might differ from one another, here is a basic rundown of what you can expect when you hire one. 

Chemicals Fertilizers

Unlike organic farming, which, as we mentioned above, uses organic fertilizers — non-organic farming relies on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms to maintain plant health. This means using materials that contain no nutrients or minerals and instead utilize elements that have been artificially manufactured. 

Uses Processing

Some catering companies that practice non-organic catering rely on processed foods. These are foods that have been cooked, frozen, or packaged — and tend to make things more convenient than going to the local farmers’ market. Processed foods include everything from chips to cheese to bread. It depends on the level of processing and what’s added to the food to make it shelf-stable, like fats or salts. So, though other catering companies may be considered to have delicious food and dishes, it is not going to be the best for you and your guests. 

Not Natural

Organic catering companies pride themselves on using natural ingredients. With non-organic catering companies, you’re more likely to find ingredients that aren’t entirely natural. They may include unnatural sweeteners or foods with artificial ingredients. As a good rule of thumb, always ask about the ingredients that a catering company uses before you dive into creating the menu.

Harmful to Humans

Non-organic farming methods include everything from growth hormones in meat to chemicals on produce. When you’re gathering with friends and family for a special event, the last thing you want to think about is that you’re serving a side of pesticides with the basil from your pesto sauce. You want your cuisine to be clean and fresh. 

Damaging to The Environment 

The chemicals and fertilizers that are used in commercial farming lead to damage in the environment and the soil. They pollute water and destroy land while also negatively impacting the surrounding plants and animals. When you’re working with a conventional catering company, chances are they’re utilizing produce and ingredients that have been exposed to toxic chemicals. Without toxic chemicals, plants are allowed to thrive in holistic environments. So, if you have ever wondered, is organic food better for the environment, your answer is yes! Therefore, opt for the organic option, and your guests will thrive, too!

At Eco Caters, we believe that fresh, wholesome, organic ingredients simply taste better. Whether we’re whipping up a taco buffet for a birthday party or crafting an elegant sit-down dinner for a wedding reception, we pride ourselves on good food that’s thoughtfully prepared. We use in-season, certified organic ingredients, where we let our chefs’ creativity take flight through colors, flavors, and creative preparations. 

If you’re looking into organic catering companies for your next important event, reach out. We’d love to help craft a specialty menu that will keep your guests swooning for years to come.

From all of us at Eco Caters, thanks for reading! We hope you have a fantastic day ahead filled with good meals and nutritious ingredients. 

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